Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Preview

Role Actions

The shared role abilities for Tanks are a great collection of mitigation, enmity tools and utility. Just like healers, the only problem might be that you’d want all 10 of them. The first one is Rampart gained at level 8, which is basically unchanged from the version in game now. This includes that Enhanced Rampart trait that makes it a 90 second cooldown with 20 second duration that reduces all damage taken by 20%. At level 12 is the shared stun, Low Blow, which means Paladin gets an off-GCD stun, hooray! Next is a pretty great early game change. Provoke is now shared at level 16 eliminating the annoying start tanks have in those first instances, and ensuring that all Tanks have this tool without having to double back and get it.

At level 20 all Tanks get access to Convalescence minus the Enhanced Convalescence trait. This leaves it as a 120 second cooldown that increases HP recovery by 20% for 20 seconds. Anticipation is a new ability at level 24 that increases your parry rate by 30% for 20 seconds every 60 seconds. At level 32 Tanks get a shared party mitigation buff previously unique to Dark Knight. Reprisal is a 60 second cooldown that lowers the targets damage done by 10% for 5 seconds. Now that is much shorter than it is right now, but as a tradeoff, it can now be used without being triggered by a parry.

Next is the ability Awareness at level 36. Yup, it is Awareness! Including the Enhance Awareness trait so that it becomes a 120 second cooldown 25 second you-can’t-crit-me ability. At level 40 Tanks get Interject an off-GCD silence with a 30 second cooldown. So far, the abilities have been very predictable, but the last two are much more interesting.

Ultimatum is a 90 second cooldown that Provokes all enemies within 5 yalms.  AoE provoke is here! Now sure, it probably isn’t an automatic pick, but this is a great idea. Lastly, at level 48, all Tanks get access to Shirk, a 120 second cooldown that diverts 25% of your enmity to another party member. Other than trolling your DPS, this is an interesting tool for tank swaps and also could be used during an opener to ensure that the main tank gets a healthy lead on enmity.

There’s nothing earth-shattering here, but that is to be expected. All of the tanks have their own distinct flavor, especially with the new abilities from Stormblood. Provoke, Rampart, Reprisal, Convalescence, Anticipation and Awareness will probably be on your bars most of the time. Shirk is interesting and a welcome new wrinkle, but most groups don’t need it right now. Low Blow and Interject will be there when you need their crowd control. Ultimatum has some use for sure, but unless we’ll have some AoE tank swaps (please no) it won’t be needed in normal circumstances. Most of the changes here were to ensure that Tanks have the tools they need at all levels, and while not exciting in a bombastic sense, it is good to know that any tank you see won’t forget to pick up Provoke. Equipping it though…

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