Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Preview

MNK – Synergy and other buzz words

Other than Paladin, Monk is the Job that most people were expecting to see grand changes to help it find a place in the meta going forward. While capable of great damage on its’ own, the lack of contribution to the party ended up in Monk never quite seeing its’ full potential. Thankfully Monk gains that sorely needed party synergy along with more mobility, interesting self-preservation, and a couple of new rotational questions.

The three new “Riddle” Abilities are related to the three elemental fists monks already have. Riddle of Wind seems to be a mobility increase with a slight buff to damage of shoulder tackle as it allows for a second tackle after casting the first. Riddle of Earth gives them a reactive 10% incoming damage decrease, and gives shoulder tackle a knockback. Riddle of Fire however, is the main rotation changer. Under riddle of fire, you receive a 20% Damage increase, but a 30% speed reduction for 20 seconds. This seems to be something you’d want to pop while at max grease stacks and under as many buffs as you can to maximize the damage while mitigating that speed decrease (which would be a net -15%). Where this is going to fit into the delicate Perfect Balance open is a  question I’ll leave to the professional Monks.

In addition, they receive both utility and a new self-buff in the ability Brotherhood, which gives all party members a 5% increase to damage dealt, while giving them a chance, upon using a weapon skill, to add a stack of Chakra to the MNK. Chakra that will be utilized alongside their new trait that gives the MNK a 30% chance to gain a stack of chakra on landing a crit with a weaponskill. This is going to enforce the usage of Forbidden Chakra as an intermittent 230 potency oGCD BOOM. All of this is to say… WTF Tornado Kick? Tornado Kick is still too much of a trade-off to be useful in anything but the “Meh, my stacks would run out anyway” situation. Though, with the addition of Riddle of Earth, once every minute you can extend Greased Lighting to refresh the duration back to 16 seconds so… Why was Tornado Kick’s cooldown lowered to 10 seconds? Will it turn out that Tornado kick could be used more often somehow? We’ll have to see it in practice!

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