Your Favorite Foods Might Disappear In The Future

The world is changing at a fast pace. Unfortunately, not all of those changes are positive. There are so many things going on, including climate difficulties that are threatening to the whole humankind and nature. Because of all these effects, there are some foods that might disappear in the future. Plants are equally affected by changes and farmers find it more difficult to produce fruits, vegetables and more. Find out which of your favorite foods and drinks are in danger.


Unfortunately, cacao, the tree that serves as the main source for the production of chocolate is in danger. In other words, if we don’t take any serious measurements, you might not be able to enjoy this treat in the future. Imagine a world without chocolate. It would be such a disaster, right?!

According to scientists, the cacao trees are often attacked by many fungal diseases and pests, destroying a large portion of them. Another huge problem is the climate changes. These trees thrive in the hot and humid environment, so rainforest regions are the perfect place. The high temperatures are not a problem, but the lack of rainfall is. Plants are constantly exposed to extremely high temperatures, which drain the water out of them. You can guess how this ends. If people don’t think of serious measures to fight the effects of climate changes chocolate will be one of the foods that might disappear.


Are you addicted to peanut butter just as much as the whole world is? Well, bad news! Peanuts might not exist in the future. Just like cacao, these legume crops come from plants. They only deliver the product once a year. Because of the huge climate changes, the peanut trees are exposed to high heat but don’t have any water. The whole situation affects them in a very negative way and also reflects the final product. These trees require five months of warm temperatures plus 20 to 40 inches of rain. Scientists predict that by the year 2055 around 18 to 25 percent of the peanut spices might be extinct. This is a very concerning matter that affects all of us.


You already saw that chocolate is one of the foods that might disappear. I’m very sorry to inform you, but the beer is also on this list. Just like with the two previous foods, climate changes are taking their toll. First of all, brewers are facing a problem in finding the right water for the production of beer. The second thing is that hops, a plant used to make beer, is also slowly dying. Brewers need special types of hops that are much harder to find. All of these negative changes are happening right now, so we are in a serious danger of not having beer in the future. Between the years of 2030 and 2050, it is estimated that there will be a difficulty in getting freshwater, which will affect all aspects of agriculture.


This is so hard to hear. So many fish in the sea, ocean, lakes, and rivers are directly affected by pollution. Also, the climate change makes the water in the ocean more acidic, which is the worst thing that can happen to future. It doesn’t matter if it’s salmon, small fish, lobsters, oysters and more. The problem is equal to everyone. According to scientists, salmon will be one of the first types that will significantly suffer from the ocean acidification.

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