Weight Loss Tips and Tricks to A Perfect Figure

Ah, weight loss! Everyone’s least favorite thing to talk about. And how can you even lose it, when we’re constantly surrounded by delicious food. It doesn’t matter if it’s fast food, doughnuts, cookies, chocolate, tacos, pizza, these are the things we all have to avoid. And weight-loss is not the only reason. These diet choices can really affect your health in many different ways. Leading a fast-paced life and having a balanced food intake can be really challenging. Especially if you have that nine-to-five work, where you never get home at five, things can get very complicated. But that shouldn’t discourage you. There’s plenty of ways to make things work. Plus, there’s a number of tips that I’ll share with you, to ease you into the process.

And the secret of losing weight is not about dieting. It’s all about eating properly. You won’t get any results if you starve yourself. Instead, try opting for a healthier diet made of mostly protein, healthy fats, fruit, and vegetables. Exercise is of course always welcomed. Aside from these well-known rules of burning fat, below you’ll see several interesting tips that you might not be practicing. They are all easy and simple. Try involving them in your daily routine and you’ll notice a change right away.


Drink Green Tea

Instead of reaching for a cold glass of Coke, try replacing it with green tea. It sure isn’t the ideal drink that you have in mind, but if you want to be fit and healthy, sacrifice has to be done. So far, there’s plenty of studies that show the positive effects that green tea has on weight loss. The most important ingredients that make this tea so good for you are the powerful antioxidants. Green tea also contains caffeine which helps in the process of burning fat. Catechins are the antioxidants that fight against harmful radicals and have a positive effect on the metabolism. They boost the work of cells and help in the process of releasing fat from fat cells. Make sure to reach for the natural green tea in the store, not the ones that contain different additives. For some people, it’s hard to get used to its taste, but a few days later it becomes their favorite drink. You can have it hot or cold, take it to work and start your day off with a cup of green tea.

Weight Loss Tips and Tricks to A Perfect Figure green tea


Eat in Smaller Plates

It might sound funny, but smaller plates are the key to eating a proper amount of food. Very often, we dine in large, chic plates that look amazing. We fill them up completely and lose track of how much we’ve eaten. That can become a real problem. Getting small plates is the solution to everything. That way you’ll learn that you don’t need to overeat, and you can satisfy your appetites with only a small portion most of the time. Plus, these plates make the food look much larger, while with the big ones, everything looks small. Another fun fact is that according to research we should all eat in red plates. It seems that the red color suppresses appetite for some reason. Who would’ve thought!


Don’t Skip Meals

Not getting dinner won’t help you lose weight. Remember that you have to eat more often but in smaller portions. You must not miss breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Try setting up a fixed schedule and get your meals at a similar time every day. In between, you can always enjoy healthy snacks. Studies show that people who skip meals, tend to intake more calories. If you starve yourself until lunch, you will definitely overeat once you get your hands on food. That will really get in the way of your wish to burn that fat. If you eat more often in smaller portions you will have your metabolism working at all times.

Weight Loss Tips and Tricks to A Perfect Figure weight loss

Keep a Food Diary

Writing down what you eat is an already proven method of weight loss. Try doing it for at least a week to see if it works for you. Keeping a neat list of the ingredients that you eat and the calories will help you get a general idea of where you’re going wrong. It will also point out to all of your weaknesses. For example, most people do want to enjoy junk food and drink alcohol during the weekend. Others usually do it late at night while watching TV. This list will point out to those weak spots and help you break those habits. Another way to go is to sill enjoy those moments but to decide to work out more often, so you can burn those calories. There’s a number of apps that you can download to help you with the tracking. Some of them will also calculate your calorie intake, you only need to put in the foods that you eat.

Another thing you can actually do is to make a shopping list before going to the supermarket. That way, when you get there you’ll only concentrate on the things you have to get and avoid loading up on chips, sweets, cookies and more. If you can fight the temptation, you’ve done it! Also, pay attention to the labels of the foods that you’re getting.


Eat Real Foods

Staying away from processed food is the best thing you can do for your diet. Bubbly drinks, chips, snacks are not the thing you need. Instead, opt for whole foods. Fresh meals are the best ones to consume. Vegetables and fruits are of course on the top of the list. It would be even better if you could get them organic. They are rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals that are essential for your body. Vegetables and fruits won’t make you fat. Whole grains are also a great addition to your diet because they contain complex carbohydrates that will keep you full for quite a while.


Get Enough Sleep

It might sound like a cliché, but this is the best advice that you will find on every weight loss list. If you are tired and exhausted physically that won’t do you any good. Not getting enough sleep can lead to a slower metabolism. Plus, the longer the day lasts for you, the hungrier you’ll be. The body won’t have enough time to rest and process everything that has happened during the day. When you stay up late, you will be more challenged in eating unhealthy snacks. Sleep is already connected to obesity, as a factor that can really influence a person’s weight. The lack of it is associated with a greater risk of obesity with 55% of the adults.

Weight Loss Tips and Tricks to A Perfect Figure sleep

Chew Slowly

Yes, that works too! The thing is that our brain doesn’t always get the information right away. Sometimes when you eat it takes some time for the brain to get the idea of how much you’ve eaten and when you’re full. Because of that delayed transmission, people often overeat. Research shows that if you chew slowly, you give the brain just enough time to get a precise idea and control your senses in time. Plus, slow chewing stimulates hormones that are connected with losing weight.


Hide Your Weakest Spots

If your biggest vice is sweets, you can stay away by hiding them. Try finding a place in the house where you won’t see them. Avoid keeping chips in visible places. The more you see something, the more you’ll want to eat it. it can be a high cupboard that you can’t reach, a different room that stores all your other things, anything that works for you. If you can completely stay away from these weaknesses, in terms of not buying them, that’s even better. Your cravings will eventually die down and you’ll start loving different things.


Cook with Coconut Oil

This is a healthier version of all other oils. As we all know, oil is essential in cooking. But this one is the best version of your diet. It contains fats that increase the activity of your metabolism. Another thing that this oil will do is reduce your appetite. And it’s exactly what we all want to hear. Try replacing whatever you’ve been using so far with this healthier alternative. It can be a bit challenging for some people, but it will be worth it. It’s all about habits and replacing them with new ones.

Weight Loss Tips and Tricks to A Perfect Figure coconut oil

Eat Spicy Food

Spicy foods can really stimulate your metabolism to burn fat faster. If you already love hot foods, this is great news. If not, try switching your regular spices with a little hot sauce, Cajun peppers, or any other hot alternative that you actually like. And you don’t have to eat spicy food every single day. but you should definitely enjoy it from time to time.


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