Top 7 Cities That Are Heaven for Foodies

Different people love traveling for different reasons. Some are obsessed with architecture, while others simply fall in love with the culture. There is a larger part of us that enjoy food so much, that we want to spend all our life just traveling and experiencing all the cuisines in the world. If you are one of us, welcome to the club. Here you will find out more about the best food cities in the world. I made sure to make a list that includes everything you need to know about these places. After reading this, you will get an unstoppable desire to get away and enjoy some delicious food. Every country has something special, and that often reflects in the cuisine. So if you need some inspiration for your next trip, try one of these locations. Happy gut, happy you.


Tokyo is heaven for food lovers. This adventurous city sure has a lot to offer. There, you’ll find a perfect balance of luxury, street markets and everything in between. So whatever you’re looking for, Tokyo is the place that has it. Foodies are obsessed with this city, especially with the street food. Anyone who hasn’t been before will be surprised to hear that on these street markets you get everything fresh and prepared right in front of you. I’m talking about seafood, meat, vegetables, fruit and much more. It’ literally is a whole new experience.

For the days when you want to skip these low-cost but delicious meals, you can make a reservation to one of the fancy restaurants. It is actually the city with more Michelin-starred places than anywhere else on the planet. I’m guessing you’re convinced now. At the end of the trip, you’ll find out that you’ve spent most of the time rushing from one place to another to taste all the possible delicious treats. Also, you might gain some weight, but don’t worry, it’s for all the best reasons.

New Orleans

There is no better place for foodies in the USA than New Orleans. This vibrant city offers some of the most delicious meals throughout the whole country. And I’m not the only one saying it. Everyone that has been to the Big Easy is impressed with the food. Every meal tastes amazing, no matter if you buy it from a street cart, or have it at a chic restaurant. The town is known for its vibrant life, with positive energy on every step. The same thing applies to the cuisine. People enjoy perfectly cooked meals at the numerous cute taverns while sipping on their favorite drinks. It’s really hard to explain, but you’ll get the idea once you’re there.

New Orleans is a synonym for “food city”, and America has to be very proud to have it. Some of the most popular places include Avery’s On Tulane, New Orleans School of Cooking, Café Du Monde and more. Some of the restaurants even prepare the dishes right in front of you, which is always a thrill for food lovers.

Mexico City

Nothing comes close to the Mexican cuisine. We’re all obsessed with Mexican restaurants in our countries, but the real deal is visiting this country and getting their signature dishes there. That is the moment when you realize that you’ve been living a lie your whole life. The Mexican meals you’ve been eating don’t come even close to how they prepare them in Mexico City. If the path ever takes you to this wonderful country and town, you will want to stay there forever. Foodies decide to visit Mexico City over and over again. Even the smallest street food stands offer better tacos than anything you’ve tried before.



It’s always an amazing experience when you travel to a new place. That experience becomes even better when the food is on point. Bangkok is another location that should be on top of your list. This place is full of small restaurants, food markets, huge and opulent dining places and will satisfy all your tastes. It doesn’t matter if you enjoy seafood, delicious desserts or great cocktails. Bangkok is the place to try it all. Their culture is so diverse, that you will be both surprised and impressed at the same time. If you are an open-minded foodie, this city is the perfect place to be. It is the heaven of spices, sauces, dressings, and seafood.

Another thing you have to notice is that the floating food markets in Bangkok are an attraction you mustn’t miss. Everywhere you turn there will be small stands of fresh food. So even if you are not that big on tasting new things, it’s hard not to. According to TripAdvisor, the most booked tour on their site by customers for Bangkok is the Food Tour. Starting with breakfast, to late dinner, you have to have them all.


For Lyon food is a way of life. While most people think that Paris is the center of everything for France, I have to let you know that Lyon is the place you want to go for quality cuisine. Many consider this town as the place where the whole delicious French cooking originated. It is the town that literally took their cuisine to a whole new level. The people of Lyon do everything with so much love, you can actually taste it. There is numerous chic, small restaurants on the narrow streets, where you can indulge your taste buds to an amazing experience.

If you go through food blogs, you’ll notice that this city is often recognized as one of the top three best food locations in the world. It’s not only about the cooking. It’s also the wine. Wine lovers from everywhere travel to Lyon for the ultimate experience. You definitely want to visit the Bouchons, family-owned small traditional restaurants for an authentic meal. Order everything you can while you’re there because you’ll be sorry that you’ve missed out. Both wine and food taste heavenly. You’ll worry about weight later.


Australia’s gem is full of surprises. Most of the travelers go to Sydney because of the mesmerizing nature and unique views. Well, foodies will appreciate knowing, that this amazing city has a lot more to offer. Australia is a mixture of many different races, cultures, and cuisines. So all of the people that live on this continent bring a little something to the table. That is the reason that makes Sydney so good. You will literally find all types of restaurants, including Chinese, Indian, Brazilian, Cuban, European and more. And it will be a great idea to try everything you can. If you are one of those foodies, who are not afraid to experiment, you will find Sydney fascinating.

This town actually has a great seafood market, that constantly offers fresh products. Sometimes you don’t even have to go to a restaurant. For a full enjoyment, go to the market, and start planning a meal to cook at home. When it comes to restaurants, there are some places that will literally take your breath. The ones with a view to the ocean are the full package. Delicious meals, plus a mesmerizing view. It doesn’t get any better. There are still those less opulent places, that provide great service and delicious treats. You will have plenty of locations to choose from, so think ahead where exactly you want to go. Planning is key when visiting huge cities like Sydney.



Ah, the beautiful Barcelona. My favorite city in the world. With each visit, I get more hooked. Another place where you’ll see Michelin-starred restaurants on every step. The city of sangria, tapas, and churros. The place where people turn all their passion into delicious food. Once you get there, the first landmark on your list should be La Boqueria, a huge food market located on the main La Rambla street. Once you enter, it will be like getting into a whole new world. You will be greeted by stands full of colorful fruit salads, juices, and ice creams. There are many small stands where you can actually sit down and get a meal. They cook everything right in front of you and all of the ingredients are fresh.

The seafood is amazing. One of the signature dishes of Barcelona is paella. There are several variations of this meal, but it includes rice matched with either seafood, vegetables or chicken to your choice. If you are interested in seafood, the best place to go is one of the restaurants on the beach Barcelonetta. For the best burgers ever, go to Bacoa, a place that offers you numerous choices and you can make your own burger. Barcelona is amazing in so many ways. Sangria is the most delicious wine drink you’ve ever tried. To finish off with something sweet, order churros and café con leche.

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