Top 5 Food Trends For 2019

If you are huge on following trends in every sphere, you will love this article. We wanted to bring you the latest food trends for 2019. These are all new topics, which are already big among bloggers and on the internet. Don’t waste your time and try them out. You might even like most of them, so you’ll decide to make them a regular part of your life.

No More Meat

Forget about meat. It’s time to become a vegetarian or a vegan. This is not only one of the biggest food trends for 2019, but it is also a way of life. It will be much harder to quit if you actually like meat a lot. It is a part of so many different meals that people are obsessed with. Imagine your life without a hamburger, steak, or even a pizza. Plant-based eating is a trend we need to employ in order to do good for the planet. Most of the meat we eat has been obtained in an unethical way. You can do it step by step and eventually completely remove it from your diet. There are also some benefits when you stop eating meat.

Top 5 Food Trends For 2019

It’s All About Hummus

This delicious treat is the food you’ll be seeing everywhere in 2019. The most interesting thing is that it’s now a part of dessert recipes. You don’t have to focus on some complicated cakes, simply try basic cookie recipes with hummus that will definitely steal your heart. There is no need to indulge in chocolate anymore. Using hummus is a much healthier alternative that also provides protein and fibre as well. Feel free to mix it with any other type of sweet ingredients that you like, but the best option is to go for healthy. Hummus is vegan, which is another great news to hear.

Top 5 Food Trends For 2019 hummus

Nut Butter Is Trending

Isn’t it good to hear that there are many healthy substitutions for Nutella? They will not taste exactly the same, but the thing is that they are good for your body. We’ve all been obsessed with peanut butter for years now. It is a great alternative when you want to prepare snacks and tasty desserts. But did you know that there are other options to choose from? Let’s start with almond, which is super-delicious. If you are good in the kitchen, and you have the time, you can definitely prepare it at home. Some of the other alternatives include sunflower, cashew, pumpkin, tahini and more. All of these kinds of butter are derived from seeds and nuts, which means that you’ll be getting all the health benefits. Stay away from products with sugar. Instead, try making your own at home. That way you’ll know you’re only getting the best.

Top 5 Food Trends For 2019 almond butter

Ugly Foods

Everyone is being much more conscious of food waste. There was a point when restaurants would simply throw away vegetables and fruits that did not look good. Those are the ugly foods we mentioned in the subheading. Both brands and the whole industry are making an effort to use the maximum out of food, no matter how it looks. Do the same in your home.

Top 5 Food Trends For 2019

Oat Milk

Dairy-free alternatives for milk are also one of the biggest food trends for 2019. Dairy has been causing so many digestive problems so that we’re always excited when there is a new substitute. Oat milk is made of oats. You can try preparing it at home or buy it, which is the more expensive version. This type of milk contains high levels of protein, especially compared to almonds, hazelnut and several other types.

Top 5 Food Trends For 2019 oat milk


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