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The meal that starts you off right!

It is said a lot of times as we are growing up that “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!” and for a lot of people that is true, but it is never said what we should be eating for that meal, or when to even have it anymore. It has always been there but the idea of working overnights is just as talked about now as it is working those long days during the week. So breakfast isn’t going to be in the morning. It may as well be in the middle of the day or during the hours when the sun is going down instead of coming up.

Sun down
The Sun going down

And it is right for most people, Breakfast IS a very important meal. The idea is that it makes you get up and go, able to fill up before you get things accomplished and hopefully earn your money, however you are able to do it. So this meal is the way to get calories in your system and some energy to help get things done. In that manner, breakfast isn’t so much a meal of tradition for many, but a way of getting up and going to make it the rest of the day.

That is a lot of food

Breakfast is also a meal of circumstance as it is actually getting something into your system. For many, a quick stop at the drive-thru or the coffee shop is a way to get things going. Drinking away something to get a quick boost just works for people. It has for a long time, just in different ways. Heck, I remember starting to work for a K-mart years ago when it had a coffee and hot cocoa machine in the breakroom. Eventually, that left and people just started their days with a coffee from the nearby doughnut shop. Things changed, and people adapted.

Not quite that much!
There are actual written rules against this

But breakfast can be more than that. Mcdonald’s, Taco Bell, and a whole host of other places offer breakfast menus, and it worked, even if it only existed during certain hours of the morning. However, those days are fading away. I just hope the employees are able to cope with the changes more than the people who order them.

Those actually look good
Store bought breakfast is good stuff

Then there is the stuff you can make yourself. Sometimes circumstances allow that kind of thing too. Not everyone is a 4-star chef when they wake up, but thanks to technology we don’t have to be. The long tradition of cereal and juice that many of us grew up, the “complete breakfast” we always heard about is kind of a sham. A “complete breakfast” wouldn’t be trying to sell us sugar-coated cereals, but they did have a point, It got you up, gave you energy, and hopefully didn’t weigh you down. Those cereals weren’t the most healthy, but if it worked for what you need to do, there isn’t anything wrong with that either. In the same notes, neither are breakfast pastries like Pop Tarts, toaster strudels, Muffins (prepacked or fresh), or whatever else. It’s still calories and gives you energy. That’s the major point of breakfast in the first place.

Pop Tarts
Those are good!

Then there are people who just love leftovers to start their day. Fried Chicken is a favorite, with even ideas on how to store them better out there. Pizza right out of the fridge is another one. Grab a slice of two, scarf it down, and there you go. Quick, easy, does the job, and that is the point.

Fry Some More!
Alton Brown

But the big thing to remember is that it is the first meal of the day, it could be a well put together meal or a bottle of liquid dinner, but it is supposed to give you some calories, give you that energy you will need to get something accomplished, and don’t worry about the whens, hows, and whatever. Just makes sure that it works! Maybe it will take some adjustment or experiments, but your stomach will thank you, and whoever else that has to work with you will hopefully do the same.


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