The Difference in your Fruit Spread

Looking at the stuff on your toast

What we put on our toast is a question the rings through our mind every morning, Those toasted slices of bread can go it alone, but many time the white or wheat bread does need a kick to get us going from having the meal to munch on. Butter is used an awful lot, but most of us want something sweeter. We want Fruit Spread.

The choice can be much, but while cruising the supermarket there are a lot of jars to pick from. Flavors mostly, but the question sometimes comes to mind. What is the difference between fruit spread? There doesn’t seem to be a huge one, it’s just stuff that is spread on pieces of toast in the morning to most of us. Sometimes put into a sandwich, put in oatmeal, and about a bazillion other users for all three.

It really comes down to the fruit you use and what form is it in when you use it. Sure, there is sugar and pectin and a few other things, but that isn’t the point here. The big difference in the fruit.


We see it all the time and it has become kind of a catch-all term for fruit spread. But there is a technical side to make actual Jelly. To put it simply, is it a spread using the juice of fruit or veggies. No chunks or hunks of whatever you got to taste. Jelly is typically on the translucent side since most fruit juice is able to pass light through it. It’s the kind of stuff that shouldn’t get caught in your teeth, but most of the time still gives you a sugar high. A lot of Jelly can be found in cookies and other foods as filling with a sweet kick to it.


Not to be confused with something you listen too. Jam is another catch-all word, but the technicalities of it are a little different. Jam is like Jelly, but the difference is is that Jam actually uses part of the actual fruit in it. The gritty stuff that you nibble on in between servings and the stuff the gets caught in your teeth. Since this had actual bits in it, this stuff can taste pretty good too. It makes just as good a spread on anything you would use jelly for. In some parts of the world, this is called a confit.


Just what it sounds like. Keep something for a long time. Technically a preserve uses the whole food and preserves it. A lot of places make preserved fruit of some sort or another. Berry spreads are often made as preserves with big slices of fruit that are usually in jars. If the FDA is watching, It will be called such. An offshoot of this is a Conserve or Whole Fruit Jam.


A spread where the primary ingredients are fruit peels and juice. You don’t hear of a lot of people home cooking fruit Marmalades very much anymore, but they do.  Another very old world style of cooking, since those bits of the peel, bring in a lot of flavors. It’s like a natural add-on to making Jelly, only add in a little zest into that for a trip to flavor town.

After that, there is still more when you get into Butters and fruit curd too.  More complicated but those are also found in stores if you know where to look. If you know where to go, and where to look, Awesome! If you know how to make your own. That is incredible. It’s all good stuff and gives you some fruity tang to get you going after a nibble.

Remember folks, The greatest thing since sliced bread very well is the stuff you put on it.

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