The Crazy Youtube World of Mike Jeavons

The internet is full of people who give their opinions. It is what helps make the internet what it is, for better or worse. No matter the subject, there always seems to be a voice liking or disliking something everywhere you turn. But in that lies education to make decisions of your own. Is this movie good? Does this product work? Is the stuff I see at the store worth getting? That is the goal of many who make part of their living on the internet and hope to do a service, even if just to entertain, those who follow them.

Meet Mike Jeavons, he is a long time internet critic and reviewer who has been speaking his opinions for many years now and has grown a large following from his many projects over the years. From his home in England he, along with his wife Grace and their little black cat Basil (both have their own following), and anyone else that may stop by, entertain his audience with looks at a wide variety of things, all with the British wit and humor that makes his videos enjoyable. If you are looking to be entertained on Youtube, check out the many things he has spotlighted.

His visits

Mike loves to go to the amusements parks around where he calls home and brings us in on his fun at places like Alton Towers to the more mundane like Burger King as well as the various restaurants and food stops in his normal travels. He gives his honest opinions goth good and bad of his location, but he will make sure to take the viewers along for the ride.

Shameful Sequels

The series that brought him a lot of notice was his look at those sequels to movies that usually don’t measure up to the original. Sometimes he strikes gold but usually, Mike has to sit through some horrendous movie offerings, From the Baby Genius movies to the sequels to things like Jingle All the Way, Men In Black, and loads of craptatic “sequels” that were more cash in movies than anything. He doesn’t stick to one genre of movie either as he covers the gambit of Science Fiction, rip-offs, comedies, stuff produced by fellow content makers, and many others. Mike seems at his best with a bad movie sequel and part of the fun is it can be like he is watching with you.


Another staple of Mike’s over the years is his testing of gadgets and device people have recommended or even sent to him. Everything from crazy beauty products, food gadgets, and knickknacks that have been “Seen on TV”. The point of these videos is to see just how accurate these infomercials are compared to the real products. Sometimes with surprising results. Exercise equipment that claims to tone your body, gadgets that make your time in the kitchen quick and easy, to even miracle cures. These videos are informative in a consumer way but are also entertaining in how things can go wrong very easily.

Week On

The personal favorites of mine. These videos come in sets of seven over the course of a week that features Mike taking on a diet or eating certain foods for an entire week. Things start out with his weight-in the beginning of the run and over the course of the week describes not only how good or bad the food is that day, but also how he is feeling. In the end, he weighs himself again to mark the change. He has covered these diets living off of things like canned food, value food, and even gone in more extremes like Military Rations from around the world and even Baby Food!

On top of entertaining us masses over the net, Mike is also a writer and author. He has created his own games and fiction books so not only can you watch his work, but you can read and play along with his creativity as well. So if you are looking for something to follow on Youtube, Give Mike Jeavons a look on his Youtube Channel, you will be glad you did.


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