Rare Exotic Fruits You’ve Never Heard Of

The world is such an amazing place, and every single part of it has something special to deliver. If you are a food addict and love interesting facts, this article is ideal for you. Today we’ll deliver some of the coolest rare exotic fruits that are amazing to look at. They all come from different regions and have different characteristics. Some are even poisonous, which is a fact that should make you think twice before eating something you’ve never seen or heard of before. Check out these amazing fruits and learn more about what they look and taste like.


Durian is also known as the “king of fruits” in the Asian region. This awful-smelling exotic fruit is absolutely delicious. Although it has a repellant smell, the taste is marvelous. A lot of people compare the smell to fried onions or even garlic pudding, but don’t let it fool you. It will only bother you until you actually get a bite from durian. It comes from the organic sulfur. The inside is super-delicious and is one of the most popular fruits among Asians. It is definitely one of those rare exotic fruits that you have to try if you get a chance. A fun fact: countries such as China, Japan, and Thailand have forbidden durian in public because of the foul smell.

Rare Exotic Fruits You’ve Never Heard Of durian


Ackee is another one of the rare exotic fruits you can find only in one place on the earth. This one is actually grown in Jamaica, and it’s even the country’s national fruit. It looks extremely delicious, but that’s not quite the case. Ackee fruits burst open when they are ripe and have a yellow to red color. The thing about this Jamaican fruit is that it contains hypoglycin, which can poison you. If you eat it unripened, you will get sick of the so-called Jamaican Vomiting Sickness. It is a deadly condition, so be careful what you eat. The fruit inside contains black seeds and a white soft content. Because of the poisonous character of the ackee, US has forbidden it for import.

Rare Exotic Fruits You’ve Never Heard Of ackee

Miracle Fruit

The miracle fruit is another exotic and rare one that grows in Western Africa. I’m talking about small red berries, which have a special characteristic. This fruit has the ability to make everything you eat taste sweet. The miracle fruit contains glycoprotein, which is actually used in medical purposes. Once you consume it, it alters the perception of your taste buds, and whatever you put in your mouth will have a sweet taste. This usually lasts for half an hour. It sure is a miracle. This fruit is used by many doctors to stimulate cancer patients to eat. For now, there are no known side effects.

Rare Exotic Fruits You’ve Never Heard Of miracle fruit


Rambutan is available in the South-East Asian region, mostly Indonesia and Malaysia. This rare exotic fruit has an interesting look with cool pink hairs on the outside. It actually comes from a word in Malay that means “hairy”. Rambutan has numerous benefits. First of all, it is helps with the good bacteria in your gut, by stimulating their growth. It is very rich in fiber, an essential part of a healthy diet. Another important ingredient is the copper in the fruit. The inside of rambutan contains a seed, which you should not eat. The rest of the content is soft and pale white. It has a specific sweet and sour taste. Latest research shows that this fruit has the ability to fight cancer.  According to people, it tastes very similar to grapes.

Rare Exotic Fruits You’ve Never Heard Of rambutan


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