Protein-Rich Foods to Keep Your Diet on Point

Having a balanced diet is the key to looking good. If you love working out, but you still can’t seem to lose those pounds, the chances are you are not eating properly. The opinions of including carbs in your meals are very much divided. Different people will give you different advice. The same thing applies to fats. There is one group of nutrients that everyone agrees on. Proteins are not only an important part of looking good but are also important for long and lean muscles.

If you are having trouble in figuring out which foods are rich in proteins, I am here to help. Everyone gets bored by eating only chicken, so the choices must become more diverse. You don’t want your whole diet to be based solely on protein, but you definitely want to eat a lot of these foods. Check out the choices below to upgrade your protein intake. You don’t have to sacrifice taste in order to eat healthily. All of the items below are tasty and you can easily include them in your meals.


Eggs are an amazing source of protein. According to scientists, each adult should eat one egg per day. They are extremely nutritious and can become a great addition to your sandwiches, salads, and much more. Also, they are rich in different vitamins, antioxidants, healthy fats and more. Most of you already know that the egg whites are the part completely made of protein. So if you don’t like the yolks, the whites will do a perfect job.


If you like seafood, here’s great news for you. Most types of seafood are rich in protein. You can start with everyone’s favorite- salmon. This fish is not only delicious but also packed in other essential nutrients. The omega-3 fatty acids contained in the salmon are extremely important for your health. Plus, there are so many ways that you can cook this fish and experiment with recipes. Other protein-rich seafood is halibut, octopus, scallops, yellowfin tuna and more.


There are so many types of cheese out there that will provide you with the protein that you need. Let’s start with cottage cheese, that is the favorite one for many. It has a very high protein content, it’s rich in calcium, casein, vitamins such as B12, selenium and more. The casein is an important source of energy since it is digested extremely slowly. Thanks to cottage cheese you will not feel hungry anytime soon after a meal. Other types you should definitely include in your diet are cheddar, Swiss cheese, parmesan and more. The Swiss cheese is also tasty and a great ingredient to experiment with. Amazing as a snack food.

Milk and Yogurt

Just like cheese, milk and yogurt are packed in protein and calcium. These two liquids are an essential part of the everyday life. You can enjoy any type of milk you like and still get that protein. When it comes to yogurt, the best option is Greek yogurt. It is already proven that this product contains two times more protein than the regular one. Aside from promoting your protein intake, milk and yogurt also provide you with omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B2, phosphorus, protect your bones, serve as probiotics, keep constant weight and more.


You’ve probably never thought of peas as a source of protein. But now you know! Make sure to cook these tiny peas once a week. The number of delicious recipes is impressive. Aside from protein, you will also provide your body with vitamin C. Green peas should be your go-to option. You can add them to smoothies or cook them for lunch.

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