Prepackaged Pasta and a Pop Tart

That is one strange ration

Spending a lot of my time at a computer and writing, one of my past times to take my mind off things is Youtube. I follow videos from various places from wrestling, cats, and various other places. One of those channels I like is from Steve1989MREInfo. He posts videos reviewing MRE’s or as they are also known as military rations. The packets of food given to those who serve to keep them fed.

I’m not sure why. I was never in the military, the only time I ever had a full MRE was back in the mid-90s as part of Junior High, but it’s fun just to see what is out there and what is included in those freeze-dried containers. I’ve seen reviews he has done from various countries and even stuff from days gone by. I commend someone for tasting and reviewing meals from World War Two when my late grandfather was flying over the Pacific.

But one video has taken the cake (not literally) is a video from late June of 2018, and the MRE is not from a country’s military or humanitarian aid. It’s a civilian MRE. The kind that is typically made for survivalists, campers, or just people who want to play army.

What makes this strange is that it is a 2-course meal packet. A single meal of a main entree (of pasta in this case) and a side course. What goes on the side of a serving of pasta? A pop tart.

Yup. It is a prepackaged kit of pasta and a pop tart. Of course, the Pop tart is not called that on the outer package, they are “toaster pastries” because if you are using one of these, I’m sure there are toasters and an outlet right next to you.

These Pop tarts are exactly the same as you can find on the shelf, except you only get one in a thin foil wrapper. Not the kind you get in a typical MRE pack and I have to wonder if you ever actually wanted to cook it you would have some issue. They would get waterlogged in one of those water-based cooking packets and probably burn if you tried one of chemical fire type ration heaters or an open fire. Thankfully these can be eaten cold. Because nothing says survivalist more then a Strawberry Pop tart eaten cold.

On the other hand, the pasta included in these packets seems much more par for the course. The packet of the pasta offering comes with a cardboard sleeve to help it cook. That is not out of the ordinary, even for a nonmilitary ration pack. It is then slid into a”flameless Ration heater” or a bag that you put the packaged meal in that you pour water into to heat it up. It sounds strange to us who aren’t used to MRE’s but he has done plenty of vids with those for official military rations. Seems to work well so I wouldn’t question that. It also comes with a packet of powder drink mix. Again, not unusual there. Especially if you have water to cook the pasta with, you probably have some to spare for the drink mix to help you keep your energy up. Meals are important to anyone who needs one. Energy to move and just be able to live has to come from somewhere.

But the point that grabs your attention, that single packaged pop tart does stick out a bit. Being a civilian ration makes it easier to include, as something for the military would just sound really odd with that, Even a rescue or NATO ration with a single packed Pop tart in it sounds a little weird to me.

But these packets are made for civilian use, and other than not killing someone or poisoning anyone who eats it, if you can pack it to eat, put it in there! I’m not privy to the FDA’s rules on non-military food ration packets, but I’m guessing they don’t have a problem with it

Steve1989 can be found reviewing and tasting MRE’s from all over the place and time on Youtube.

2017 Meal Kit Supply 2 Course MRE Review Lightweight Civilian Meal Ready to Eat Taste Test

Check out this case of super lightweight MRE’s. After reviewing these I think they are very practical for emergencies and portability and not a bad price either for what you’re getting ($45 shipped in the US for a case). A lightweight ration that your kids could eat and not get too fussy with.

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