Mouthwatering Pizza Facts You Have To Check Out

Pizza is without a doubt on the list of the most popular foods in the world. But since we all take everything for granted, there are so many things we don’t actually know about pizza. That is why we bring you some of the most amazing facts that you have to read. Starting from the origin, to the first time the iconic Margherita was introduced, you have to read until the end.

Mouthwatering Pizza Facts You Have To Check Out

First Pizza Wasn’t Made In Italy

Although all of us think that the first pizza was made in Italy, it was not. Your favorite food comes from Greece. It was actually introduced in ancient Greece. Believe it or not, it was the food of poor people. They ate bread and topped it off with tomatoes, veggies, spices and olive oil. It is not completely the same with what you’re used to eating today, but that’s how the whole story started. Today, we all add so many toppings on the pizza, but the basics are the same, crust, tomato sauce and cheese. Mouthwatering.


Meet The Most Expensive Pizza In The World

This is definitely one of the coolest pizza facts out there. The most expensive one will cost you a whopping sum of $12,000. You are probably already thinking “How ridiculous”. But people are ready to do anything for good food. The expensive version, dubbed Louis XIII is made of special ingredients. First, the crust is made for around 72 hours of a quality organic Arabic flour and Murray River pink salt. Then it is topped with 7 types of cheese and 3 types of a high-quality caviar. But that’s not all. This pizza is served with very rare beverages that make the whole experience even more special. You can have the Louis XIII cognac, the rarest one in the whole world. Obviously worth the price.

Mouthwatering Pizza Facts You Have To Check Out

The World’s Largest Pizza

Since you can never get enough of pizza, you can always make the biggest one. Who better to do that than Italians. It was made by chefs from Rome who worked at NIPfood there. Until 2012, South Africa held the record for the world’s largest pizza. The one from 2012 weighed 51,257 pounds and was 131 feet in diameter. It took over the area of 13,580 feet. Better known as Ottavia, this pizza used 20,000 of gluten-free flour and 10,000 mozzarella cheese. The chefs also added 515 pounds of rock salt, 1,488 pounds of margarine, 220 pounds of lettuce and 55 pounds of vinegar.


The First Margherita

One of the most popular types of pizza, the Margherita was first introduced in 1889. This is definitely among the most surprising pizza facts, considering how long ago this happened. Imagine that people weren’t always blessed with the food like we are today. It was prepared by Raffaele Esposito for Queen Margherita. That is how the name of the pizza happened. He was supposed to make three types of pizzas for the Queen, and one of those included mozzarella, tomato sauce, and basil. These are the three colors of the Italian flag.

Mouthwatering Pizza Facts You Have To Check Out

You Can Actually Order Pizza From Space

This has happened before. Pizza Hut is the first pizza place to deliver this delicious junk food to space. It was the astronaut Yuri Usachov who asked for it. The chain restaurant was more than happy to deliver. He got a delivery with extra spice and salami. In space the taste bud sensation is altered, so astronauts need some extra spice.


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