Let’s Celebrate National Vodka Day With The Most Surprising Vodka Facts

Happy National Vodka Day! October 4th is officially the day that celebrates one of the most popular alcohols in the world. It is the favorite of both ladies and men, you can make numerous tasty cocktails or have it on the rocks. This is a drink recognized all over the world. It was first produced in Russia in the 9th century, and the first distillery was mentioned sometime around 1174. The word vodka actually means water. It comes from the Slavic word “Voda”. Check out some of the most interesting vodka facts you have probably missed.

The Most Expensive Vodka In The World

There is actually a bottle of vodka that costs $3.5 million. This is without a doubt one of the most expensive drinks you can buy. It is called Billionaire Vodka and completely deserves the name. The whole fuss about this brand is that they filter the drink through diamonds, Nordic birch charcoal, and ice. They also distillate it three times. As you can expect, the bottle is a spectacle too. It is decorated with diamonds and features the label encrusted in gold. The packaging is made of rhodium and platinum. But is it really worth having a bottle that costs so much? Maybe, if you are a billionaire and you need more extravagant ways to spend your money. You will receive it via a special courier, either through Billionaire Yachting or Billionaire Aviation.

Vodka Is Not Always Made Of Potatoes

We are all under the impression that all vodka is made of potatoes. Let us entertain you with one of the most surprising vodka facts ever. A large number of vodka brands don’t use potatoes when making this drink. Another very interesting thing to know, that the first, original vodka was made without potatoes. This alcohol is based on grains, but there are labels that make it from grapes, corn, milk whey and so much more. Brands are getting more creative in the way they produce which is definitely a good thing. This means that there are gluten-free versions of this drink. Since gluten intolerance is a huge thing at the moment, it’s good to know that there are options.

Moscow Ran Out Of Vodka

Another one of those surprising vodka facts that you would never even think was true. Well, this one is. Right after World War Two on May 9, 1945, Russians had so much vodka that they completely ran out of this drink. People in Moscow celebrated the defeat of Russia over the Nazis. On this date, the Nazis surrendered to the Soviet Union. This is a historically very significant date, that the Russians had to celebrate with a 22-hour marathon of drinking. At one point they couldn’t buy this drink anywhere.

The Best-Selling Vodka In The World

You probably hinted that Smirnoff is the best-selling vodka in the world. But what you don’t know is the real story behind its success. The brand was actually founded by a very poor Russian named Pyotr Smirnov. Pyotr worked on the fields as a low-grade worker but was very persistent in making his vodka business work. He literally used every single loophole he could find and built a successful company. There is a slight difference in the spelling of the name of the brand with the name of the founder. He used the French spelling version instead of the Russian. Pyotr was very innovative in his marketing techniques which helped him very much in the sales.

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