Four Ways Honey Is Good for You

These days people are all worried about living healthy.  People exercise, cut fat, cut calories and cut sugar.  Honestly, do people really want to eat bland food, food that’s unsweetened?  Perhaps sugar is a bit too much, but most people agree that honey has many good qualities. According to Healthline at  it still has a more calories then sugar. However, the benefits of honey are worth a few extra numbers that might not mean anything anyway.

Honey Helps People to Lose Weight

Some may find that honey is sweeter than sugar.  Sugar goes well in tea, but a good dollop of honey tastes just as good.  Putting honey on oatmeal is another way to enjoy this sticky treat.  Honey lasts forever too, it doesn’t go bad.  Fortunately, unlike sugar alone, honey has many health benefits.  What are these benefits though? One of the benefits is losing weight which so many people these days are trying to do.  You can see how honey reduces weight at the website   Does it all have to do with losing weight?  No, the benefits are many, and they aren’t all about weight loss.

Honey Can Sooth a Cough

Some of the benefits of honey are no-brainers and some of them are surprising.  Honey in tea was mentioned and we all know tea helps us when we’re sick.  Honey also helps when you are ill.  One of the things that honey can do for you is to suppress your cough.  Tea is good for a sore throat and some honey in that tea makes it go down smoother.  There’s a whole study about how honey works to alleviate coughs in children on PMC  You don’t have to have tea to go with your honey, you could just eat a spoonful.  However you like it, it’s up to you!

Honey Helps Those Scrapes and Burns

Something a little more surprising that honey does is to heal wounds and burns.  Clearly for this to work you apply honey to the wound.  It is the drying of the honey with sugar in it that helps the healing process.  Anti-bacteria is present in honey which is plainly another way that it heals. The sugar in honey takes water out of the bacteria cells.  Honey is acidic and this causes healing by the release of oxygen from the hemoglobin.  How it helps heal wounds can get into scientific detail.  More information can be found at  So you’ve hurt yourself and want to heal faster?  Put some honey on that ouchie!

Honey Helps with Sleep

Are you having trouble sleeping?  Over the radio it was broadcast that a tablespoon of honey a night can help you sleep.  The sugar in honey, instead causing health problems, once again gives us a health benefit.  It raises insulin a little bit and allows tryptophan to enter our brains.   Tryptophan is known to aid in sleep. The tryptophan is also converted to serotonin and this in turn becomes melatonin.  Melatonin pills are marketed as sleep aids.  Forgo the pills and try natural honey instead.


There are so many ways that honey can benefit a person.  It helps with sleep, helps heal a wound, soothes a cough, and helps people to lose weight. Not only is honey beneficial, it also tastes great.  Get yourself some honey and give it a try.



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