Celebrate National Fast Food Day In The Most Popular Locations

Let’s celebrate National Fast Food Day. This is one of the best holidays ever since you are praising the most delicious food, let’s check out which are the best places in the world to eat these goodies. Have you ever thought about which are the most popular fast food chains in the world? You will probably recognize all of these, but if you still haven’t visited, it’s time to go. Starting with hamburgers, coffee, to delicious donuts, make sure that you have a meal or two in these very popular locations.


The most popular fast food chain in the world, McDonald’s is literally all over the world. Founded in 1948 by brothers Richard and Maurice-Mac McDonald, this company has over 3,700 restaurants in 120 countries. The company became such a huge deal thanks to Ray Kroc who was a salesman. When Kroc noticed that there is a chance to do the business in a new way, he teamed up with the brothers. Thanks to the innovative salesman they opened franchises in several different places. The restaurants ditched using waitresses and started a more efficient method of producing and selling much more food at a faster time. All of the hamburgers were premade and only heated under a lamp so that when people came to buy they were served right away.

Celebrate National Fast Food Day In The Most Popular Locations


Chipotle is not your typical fast food restaurant with hamburgers and chicken wings. The giant sells everything related to tacos and burritos. If you are obsessed with Mexican food, the place to visit is definitely Chipotle. There are other choices including great salads, You can skip the regular McDonald’s or Burger King. This chain uses fresh ingredients that a lot of people appreciate. It was founded by Steve Ellis in 1993. The first location of Chipotle was Denver, Colorado. After the huge success of the restaurant, Ellis continued with opening restaurants in several different countries in the United States. The estimated number of franchises that Steve owns today is more than 2,250.

Celebrate National Fast Food Day In The Most Popular Locations

In-N-Out Burger

All of the burger obsessives out there have to eat at In-N-Out at least once in their lives. This is one of the most delicious hamburgers in the world. It is not as big of a company as McDonald’s, but it will be worth it. In-N-Out restaurants are mostly located in California, but they are spreading at a fast rate. You will find franchises in Texas, Nevada, Utah, Arizona and more. The first one was opened in 1948 in Baldwin Park, California. Esther Snyder and Harry Snyder are the two founders of the company.

Celebrate National Fast Food Day In The Most Popular Locations


Starbucks is not only your favorite coffee place but actually a fast food company. This huge chain brand was founded in 1971 in Seattle, Washington. The number of locations they have is more than 28,210. Aside from their franchises in North America, Starbucks has spread to Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and South America. They are still working on a bigger expansion in Asia in the next five years. If you’ve never tried a Starbucks coffee, this is the right time to do it. The chances are there is a location very close to you.

Dunkin’ Donuts

This is the place you want to visit every single day. Fast food has a whole new meaning thanks to Dunkin’ Donuts. These are the most delicious donuts ever! There is a full range of choices, all equally delicious. That’s not the only thing you can get there. Try the coffee, which is one of the best-selling ones in the United States.

Celebrate National Fast Food Day In The Most Popular Locations




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