5 Delicious and Healthy Snack Choices

Even when we are trying to eat properly at all cost, we all crave a little something on the side. The three regular meals in a day are never enough. That’s why snacks are the best thing that’s ever happened to humankind. These in-between meal indulgences are your chance to get out of the schedule and eat something sweet or crispy. But if you want to stay fit at all times, you’re going to need healthy snack choices. And you’ll be surprised to hear that there’s plenty of those. It doesn’t have to be a bag of chips or cupcakes to make you feel happy between meals.

Instead, you can reach out to some easy, simple fit choices that will also help you lose weight and burn fat. The struggle for a good body is a full-time one. There is no skipping meals, no eating junk food. So it’s good to know which types of snacks should make your healthy list.


All types of nuts are extremely healthy for you. They are not only delicious but also nutritious. You can choose a single type or do a mix of several different ones. Plus, they are easy to pack and you can get them anywhere. Nuts are packed in protein, fiber and healthy fats, which is all you need for a great body. Don’t get me wrong! Eating nuts won’t get you steel abs without exercise. So they will only help you on the way to looking great.

Dark Chocolate

If you are a huge chocolate lover, here’s great news. You can still enjoy dark chocolate from time to time as a snack. It definitely doesn’t taste the same as the regular one, but it is much healthier. It also provides many benefits to your body. Let’s start with the fact that it is highly saturated in cocoa (around 70%), which is very helpful in decreasing the chances of a heart disease and helps in lowering the blood pressure. Dark chocolate is packed in magnesium.  


One cup of edamame contains around 70g of protein. This vegetable is a great snack choice for so many reasons. The first one is definitely the high level of protein it delivers to the table. You can eat it hot, cold and even add spices. You can boil it, bake it or steam it. Edamame is rich in antioxidants which can help with regulating high blood sugar. Its high mineral ingredient list makes this vegetable the perfect snack material.


The easiest snack you can think of. Oatmeal provides a filling sensation that will have you full for hours. After eating oatmeal, you won’t feel the need for another meal in quite a while. Oats are carbohydrates that are more complex to break down and suppress appetite. The beta-glucan in oats helps in slowing down digestion. Always opt for the most simple plain oatmeal, without any added sugar. You can always spice up the snack with some fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts, and even some peanut butter.

Apple and Peanut Butter

The perfect snack combination. This meal is not only tasty but also very nutritious. We all know that apples are beneficial to the health in so many ways. They are available anywhere, and you can take them to work, gym and everywhere else. These fruits are packed in different antioxidants and will protect you from high blood pressure and heart disease. Apples are also rich in vitamins and minerals. When it comes to peanut butter, many are afraid to eat it because they think it is associated with gaining weight. But that is luckily not true. Peanut butter and apple slices will soon become your favorite snack.

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