Machine Made Burger comes to California

Rise of the robots!

It was something that has been talked about for decades. People who spoke about “the future” would joke about how everything was made by computers without human intervention. When fast food workers demanded better pay instead of being treated by slaves, those against it talked about how people would be phased out in favor of computers and machines.

Guess we reached the next step.

It was announced that a hamburger was being made by computer and machines. It’s not exactly revolutionizing the industry and seems more like a novelty than it does try to phase anybody out of the job.

The burger is produced at a place on the Bay Area of California. An area that not only has the image of being “out there” but just has an audience more accepting of things that are different. The company behind this idea is called Creator, a “culinary robotics” company that is making a lot of noise over this idea. The company itself used to be known as Momentum Machines but has changed its name and seems to have changed its focus. I guess when the Tech sector lets you down, go make food!

Like making a Ford back in the day
Just don’t ask for extra onions

The whole thing is put together by machines with 20 computers and 350 sensors behind it. The time it takes for a single burger is less than five minutes, but the computers can crank out over 100 in an hour and can be ramped up to even more than that. Why a computer would need to be ramped up that much is still a mystery but it can do it, so says Creator anyway.

Of course, there is the part that get’s lost in a story like this, the price. This hamburger costs you around $6. Of course, nothing like this would fly on the dollar menu, as not only do they have to pay for all these computers and their upkeep, but the restaurant itself that serves this idea is located in one of San Francisco’s highest rent districts.

Like an HGTV set
Nice and Clean

The whole idea is cooked up by  Entrepreneur Alex Vardakostas. He has a bunch of investors who have a lot of money put into the venture as the reports have it at around $18 million dollars. So it will take some burgers to make that money back and start seeing a profit, but with stories about the idea and online orders stretching into the summer, it will make it there soon enough.

It launches on June 27th, so by the time you read this the robotics line will be pumping out burgers already. The restaurant that houses this burger looks more like a kitchen from Home and Gardens than the places most people are used to for burgers. But maybe that’s closer to the norm in San Francisco. Of course, no word is being said about how they will keep the place looking that clean or even how things will look this tidy down the road, but that really isn’t for us to worry about.

Is the hardwood flooring?

Outside the day to day operations of a burger place, it is being said that Creator will be holding classes in their off hours in things like Industrial Design and Robotics. A plan to bring in more income sure, but I would want to see if the thing actually works past the first day of it before signing up for classes. No one wants to learn robotics from a group who failed to make it actually work for anyone.

Only time will tell if this venture hangs around in the long run or if people are still buying the burgers after the novelty has worn off, but that is really something you can fake either, at least until someone figures out to make a Time Machine.

Remember this movie?
Get it?


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