10 Weirdest Ballpark Food You Have to Try!

The Major League Baseball season is about half-way complete and we’ve seen some crazy stadium food again this year! Grab some shades and don’t forget your glove, here are some of this year’s weirdest ballpark foods this season!

#5 Taco Dog – Miami Marlins

Only in Miami can you have a hot dog as a taco. The Taco Dog is a Nathan’s frank topped with chili, pepper jack cheese, pico de gallo, shredded cabbage and jalapeños.

#8 Bufallo Chicken Bloody Mary – Minnesota Twins

Fans of the bloody mary know that the reason the drink is so great is that you not only get a delicious cocktail, but most of the time an entire meal as garnish. Target Field went the extra mile here, topping its bloody mary not just with meats and cheeses, not just with a slider, not just with a stick of celery, and not just with a buffalo chicken wing, but with all of the above. 

#10 Churro Poutine – Toronto Bluejays

It had to be Canada, eh! Quebecois would see this and recognize it as poutine, but by replacing fries with churros, cheese curds with ice cream, and gravy with hot caramel sauce, the mad geniuses at the Rogers Centre have created an insane dessert!

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