Top 10 Largest Yachts in the world

Here are your top 10 largest yachts

I think its safe to say, that none of the owners of these top 10 largest yachts are struggling in life. We can however say that some of them have questionable taste in yachts. My personal Favorite is Dilbar, while my least favorite which will be obvious to all of you is El Mahroussa.

Take a peak below and let me know your favorite.

10. Yas – 141m (463 Feet)yas

9. Sailing Yacht A – 143m (469 Feet)Sailing Yacht A

8. El Mahroussa – 146m (478 Feet)El Mahroussa

7. Prince Abdulaziz -147m (482 Feet)Prince Abdulaziz

6.  Topaz -147m (483 feet)Topaz

5. Al Said – 155m (509 Feet)Al Said

4 .Dilbar – 156m (512 Feet)Dilbar

3. Dubai – 162m (532 Feet)dubai

2. Eclipse – 162.5m (533 Feet)Eclipse

1. Azzam – 180m (593 Feet)


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