Spirituality Interweaves Authenticity

The saree, one of the oldest outfits of India, has proven itself in a test of time. It is a gift of Hindu custom. With the passage of time, it has not only been the wardrobe closure for Indian women, but also the work of fine art or the image for the artisans to fusion magic in the form of delicate embroidery.

Every issue of Hindu culture is based on the knowledge of spirituality. In Indian culture, there is a tradition of wearing nine –yard saree. In earlier times, women used to wear nine-yard sarees only; but today women get it problematic wearing these sarees. So, it has been the fashion to wear sarees during festivals and it has been a trend to buy latest sarees online.

The significance of saree:

  • A saree not only enhance the women’s beauty, but there is another requirement of wearing a saree. 

  • An Indian woman has always used sarees for the fortification and nourishment of Hindu ethnicity and values.

  • With the advancement of technology, though, the concepts of wearing sarees have been evolved, yet saree is the fashion icon in these modern days.

  • A saree always give those affectionate approaches which are there at the core of every Indian woman. 

  • Saree is always the symbol of a divinity, so the concept of spirituality always become prominent with the wearing of a saree. 

  • A saree made of cotton fibers always embodies the‛ sattvikta’ or spiritual purity.

  • Women feel spiritual after wearing a saree as it reduces pessimistic energy and suffering of the body.

History of evolution:

Prior saree was the piece of cloth worn by a woman to cover up the breasts. It can easily qualify as the original appearance of choli and blouse. With time sophisticated tests among the richer classes led to experiments with clothing, and the skill of dyeing the fabric was born. Though a few essential stitched outfits have made their way into the society by this time, the neevi and kanchuki remained the most widely –worn garments of the women. By the end of epic time, women’s garments had evolved enormously. Women were wearing beautiful garments inflated with slight embroidery and valuable stones.

In spite of all these developments, it was only in the Mughal era that the sari took its concluding form as a three-piece item of clothing. The influential effect of the Mughal period introduced the rich verities of fabrics for sarees.These fabrics were then overstated with gold and silver wires and gems to match the grandeur of the era. Together with came the master weavers and the many styles of weaving and the dye-and-tie technique of dyeing these fabrics.

Today’s trend:

Today the story is unlike altogether. The flexibility of this antique garment has bowed into a global awareness. Designers are testing with the fabrics, colors and the styles and patterns like never before. A huge treasure of sarees accessible online offers to buy stylish women sarees online with abundance of choices like embroidered, zari work, half sarees and more. Designers are reinventing the typical Indian attire with no compromising its timelessness.

Those days are gone when women go from shop to shop to buy the perfect saree for their unique moment. Online shopping sites have opened a world of promise for the saree lovers. With its amazing attain and timeless appeal, sarees seems like a prospective competitor of the others outfits.

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