Make a Choice…

                              “The smile is every Woman’s sexiest curve.”

I  have always been someone that likes to be in control of myself, my destiny and my surroundings…unfortunately when you have a husband and kids, work a full time job and have life going on all around you, you soon realize that control is an absolute illusion!

We all know that no matter what there are times that we are going to have things thrown our way that challenge us, make us angry, impatient and just downright cause us problems.  One thing that I recently learned is that no matter what happens, life is not happening to me it’s happening for me!

No longer will I be a slave to my circumstances, we all have a choice, and the choice I made was to feel great regardless of how I felt, and what was thrown my way.

There are going to be days that you may not feel confident, and those are the days that you need to make sure you dress the most confidently!   You may have heard the expressions “fake it till you feel it” – dressing in something that makes you feel good about yourself, helps you confidence, changes your physiology in a positive way, and helps everything else seem a lot more manageable!

Dress like you are already famous…and see what happens.


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