How to Add Personality to a Boring School Uniform?


What if you have to wear a uniform to school, but you want to show your personality via your outfit? School uniforms can get very basic and boring. With them, standing out from the crowd becomes difficult, especially when you are wearing the same clothes as everyone else. However, you can add personality to a regular school uniform while keeping in check with your school’s dress code. You can either look up for inspiration from different fashion design sites or invigorate your creativity by following these simple tips.

1. Start with hair and make-up

Your personality isn’t all about the way your dress, it is also about what hairstyle you adopt and what you do with your make-up. Since school uniforms are pre-determined and monotonous, you have some extra time every morning because don’t have to think and choose what to wear to school. So, consider spending some time on make-up or doing your hair. Change your look with fun shadows and punchy lipsticks. Once you start feeling confident about making a few changes, the next step will be to start accessorizing. Consider wearing a unique headband that portrays your personality or cool threads and wrist bands that make you stand out from the crowd.

2. Consider adding layers

Layering has been around ever since people started dressing up. It can also be used to add personality to your uniform and even help you keep warm in the cold seasons. The best way to adopt layering is to start wearing collars. A sweater with a collar is the perfect way to add layers. Similarly, you can go with wearing cardigans, vests, and other forms of outwear that offer warmth and but add personality at the same time.

3. Add jewelry to your list

Necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are best for girls looking to add character to her uniform. You can wear it in layers and mix things up with a blend of traditional and modern jewelry. A statement necklace that is not extraordinarily lavish adds a certain grace to your personality, and it can completely transform your outfit. Wearing a watch is also a way to go!

4. Decorate your backpack

We understand that schools can be strict about what you can and what you cannot wear. But, there’s always a way around it! You can show your personality through your backpack. Add some cute keychains, replace a few buttons with catchy badges, or even tie a scarf that speaks for you!

5. Customize, customize, customize

The best thing you can do to add personality to your dressing is by customizing everything with the help of a tailor. Change the length of your skirt, or you may consider wearing a short-body blazer. Boys can get their shirts fitted according to their size and get the trousers narrowed to stand out! During the process, make sure that you don’t end up violating your school’s dress code policies.

6. Mix-up socks or tights

These will not only protect you from the cold weather but also will add personality to the way your dress. Try to stay stylish under school uniforms as well. Go for color instead of opting for the regular dark gray or black socks.

Bonus tips

Look up your school’s uniform policies to see if they talk about buttons! Most policies forget to mention them, and you can jazz things up by removing the standard buttons and replace them with unique ones to match your personality and uniform!

Lastly, choosing to wear different belts can help you make a mark as well. They aren’t there just for holding your pants and skirts. If your shirt covers your belt, consider changing the style and letting it show. You can wear a sleek modern belt that not only suits your personality but also matches your uniform. Remember, a school is a place that demands specific protocols to be met. Never go above a particular line with changing the way your dress and always adhere to the rules set by your school.

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