Back to School? Check out the Latest Girls’ Sneaker Trends

Sneakers were designed for sports and then made their way to urban and hip-hop fashion.

Sneakers were designed for sports and then made their way to urban and hip-hop fashion. Though initially adopted in by men, ladies gradually gave up fancy shoes and heels in favor of the comfortable and trans-seasonal sneakers. And they’re also part of the college culture as they inspire freshness and a laid-back attitude.

Athletic Babe

Make the most of this trend while it lasts: the ultra-sporty, technical gym shoes are all the rage now and brands are coming out with imaginative reinterpretations of their basic models, playing with colors and textures. For the moment, you are allowed to pair them with almost anything, so you can walk around town being all stylish and comfy. Adidas is one of the most creative brands in this category with its Primeknit apparel.


Oh, things were so much easier when you were a kid. Sometimes you didn’t even have to tie your shoes. Get that easy-going feeling again with slip-on sneakers, that cut a step in your dressing routine and can look extra-cute. Moreover, it will add some skater vibe to your looks. If you’re bold, choose bright colors or a street-art inspired print.

The Classic Slip-on Black and White Checker from Vans is one pair of shoes that will add a twist to your style and you can find them at Sole Finess. If you like to dress a little posh, a pair of embroidered slip-ons will do the trick for you.


Lately, 80’s and 90’s fashion made a comeback, bringing with them the sports shoes of the past. You’ll many fashion trendsetters walking in a pair of retro sneakers these days. New Balance has many collections which rely on the form of the original running shoe and you’ll find some quirky patterns and color combination among their products.


In your busy college days, heels won’t be your first choice for going out. But a chic pair of platform sneakers will enhance any casual look as they will also fit your more polished clothing. If you add a velvet or suede texture or some satin laces, you will steal the show everywhere you wear them. For classic models with a few extra inches, look for brands like Converse and Vans, but for more eccentric models and shades check out Puma’s shoes.

Tennis Shoes

Lately, tennis shoes have made a comeback and we are not surprised. They’re sleek, classy and reliable in spring and autumn when the weather is moody. Being maybe the most elegant of sports shoes, they fit well casual dresses, skirts, and jeans, but also so more formal pieces, like a shirt or woven trousers. They complement preppy outfits and even suit some of the latest trends: shimmery tops, satin dresses, and velvet jackets. You can look for the Adidas collections Gazelle, and Campus or the Charlene and Lisa models of Le Coq Sportif, but Nike and Puma also have some pretty models.

College is the time to experiment, even in terms of fashion, so girls, don’t be afraid to try new things and make unconventional combinations. You are now developing your own style and discovering what suits you best as a young adult. Mix and match!

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