12 ways to organize your kid’s bedroom

A kid’s bedroom can be a challenge to organize and keep organized. One of the reasons for this is the toys and stuffed animals children accumulate.

When it comes time to organize kids toys, it’s important to not just keep all toys in one big toy box because toys become hard to find and easily forgotten. Instead, aim to have several different toy boxes for certain similar items. This will ensure easy access to toys and a definite place to store all toys.

Here are some guidelines for organizing your kids’ things:

Choose an appropriate home for stuffed animals.

Stuffed animals can take up a lot of space in your kids bedroom, especially when they scattered about the room and take up space everywhere. Having a place for all stuffed animals will remedy this situation. Make sure your kids put stuffed animals back immediately after playing or sleeping with them.

Organize and store items according to categories.

Your kids have so many things, such as toys, games, books, and puzzles. Organize and store these items according to categories and/or like-items. This will make it for you and your children to find things.

Use clear storage containers.

Storage containers are a necessity for the kids bedroom. When purchasing storage containers for their room, make sure you get clear containers. This will make it easier for your kids to find their items. It will also be comforting to your child to be able to see their things while there are stored away instead of thinking they are gone or forgotten.

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Label all storage containers.

When your kid wants one of their things, they want it now. Make sure you label each of your kids storage containers. For younger kids who can’t read, label with pictures. Labeling their storage containers also ensures that your kids know where each of their things belong.

Install wall shelves.

Your kids have knick knacks and decorative ornaments that can take up space when placed on their furniture. Installing wall shelves can be a place for these items, which can be seen but will be out of the way.

Set up a file system.

Children love artwork and will have a lot of art supplies and artwork they’ve created. Have a certain place for their artwork supplies and a filing system for their stickers, papers, and artwork. This is beneficial for school paperwork as well once they are in school.

Hang a bulletin board.

Children create masterpieces on a daily basis and should have a place to be hanged and appreciated. Hanging a bulletin board in their room allows their art to be displayed and admired. This will keep paper from piling up in your kids bedroom.

Create a nightly ritual.

Have your child put everything away before retiring for the night and make sure they get everything even the tiny pieces that can disappear under kids room rugs.

Do a regular inventory

You also want to make sure you do a regular inventory of your kid’s toys and things because they outgrow these things rather quickly. And just as quickly they are interested in new things. So what ends up happening is the old stuff stays and the new ones add to it resulting in too many things and not enough space. This one fact can threaten the best of efforts to organize kids room.

Whether it’s a girls bedroom, boys bedroom, or teens bedroom, there is always a lot of stuff coming in—be sure an equal amount of things are going out as well or you will soon be overwhelmed.

Decorate with organization in mind.

With kids room decorating, you want to make sure you keep organization in mind. There are plenty of ways to add to your kids room décor while adding additional storage.

Use functional furniture for additional storage space. Examples of such furniture are beds with shelves and drawers. This kind of furniture is especially helpful for those with siblings sharing a bedroom. Another item helpful in this siblings sharing bedroom situation are kids room dividers. This way toys and items stay on the correct side of their room.

  • Add seating that has storage underneath. These seats come in all different sizes, shapes, and color. They add to your room décor while adding additional storage space.
  • Use a loft bed if your kids room is small and your child is old enough to sleep in a regular twin bed. A loft bed is as tall as a bunk bed but doesn’t have the lower bunk. This offers additional space under the bed for things like their desk, shelves, furniture, etc.
  • Use kids room dividers if you have a siblings sharing bedroom situation. This can give them some additional privacy their own space.

Teach your kids good organization habits.

One of the things you need to focus on when it comes to organizing your kids room is to teach them organization habits and discipline. It will help them in life. People are generally happier and less stressed when organized, so start teaching your kids the benefit of organization ASAP.

Don’t do all the organizing yourself. 

It also may be tempting to do all the organizing yourself but it’s extremely important to involve your kids—from organization to your kids room décor, include them in all kids room ideas as well.

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