Youtube goes down worldwide

An error meant we had to take a break from internet videos for a bit

Both fans of and Creators on the popular video sharing site Youtube were in for a rough couple of hours on October 16th when the website was out of commision for a couple of hours. There wasn’t a lot of panic by those who produce videos, but there was a number of people to make comments and jokes about those people who make their money with internet videos.

The website went down Tuesday night when videos malfunctioned and people were not allowed to view most of the videos they wanted to watch. The search engine part of the site also went down as well and soon the entire site was out of commission and rendered unusable by the people who wanted to use it.

Many who saw the failure of the service had fun with it.  Both those that watch youtube videos and those who produce content for the site took to the internet to make light of the site going down for a few hours that night. Popular Youtube video game player Markipilier posted his reaction to what was going on.

Markiplier on Twitter

YouTube’s down… Can it really be true? Am I finally… free?

While youtube creator Jacksepticeye voiced an opinion that he was not alone in:

Jacksepticeye on Twitter

If Youtube is down then do any of us really exist?

Many others around different online social sites painted pictures of panic in the streets with the popular video site going down. As of yet, there seem to be no reports of such a thing going on anywhere as people (like myself) found other ways to divert their attention and spend their time doing other things than watching online videos.

Interestingly, The mega-company Disney had some fun with the outage and even got to promote a certain money that is set to be released next month.

Disney PH on Twitter

It wasn’t us #YouTubeDown. Disney’s #RalphBreaksTheInternet coming to cinemas November 21. Learn more:

A Twitter message from an unusual source quickly started making its rounds as others started to get in on the fun of the incident as the night went on.

Philadelphia Police on Twitter

Yes, our @YouTube is down, too. No, please don’t call 911 – we can’t fix it.

And the Philadelphia Police also had this reply from someone who tweeted a (not serious) concern.

Philadelphia Police on Twitter

@KOStwilexis @YouTube Try this.

It wasn’t long into the outage that Youtube itself made comment that they were aware of the problem and that they were working quickly to find a resolution to the situation.

Team YouTube on Twitter

Thanks for your reports about YouTube, YouTube TV and YouTube Music access issues. We’re working on resolving this and will let you know once fixed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and will keep you updated.

The site and its services were restored after a couple of hours. It was an inconvenience but turns out being able to watch internet videos was not life-threatening and not a major issue to those who noticed the downtime.

When the issue had been resolved, There were a lot of people who were happy to see their service return.

Team YouTube on Twitter

We’re back! Thanks for all of your patience. If you continue to experience issues, please let us know.

The next morning reports were circulating that the site has suffered some sort of outage on a worldwide level meaning EVERYONE was having problems. At this point, there hasn’t been any talk of an attack or something malicious, but probably just a regular old website error. So while the site was down for a little while on a Tuesday Night, it doesn’t seem to be anything terrifying or malicious behind it. The problem seems to have been fixed and people around the world are back to watching videos of Cats or other things to pass the time away while surfing the internet.

And in case something like this, unfortunately, happens again. I know of a great website that has lots of entertaining articles to read while the video website goes down again.

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