Youtube bans dangerous Challenge and Prank videos.

Youtube changes rules to cut down on dangerous videos.

Social media site Youtube has updated its Terms of Use slightly by adding in a new rule that bans dangerous prank or challenge videos that put peoples lives in jeopardy. This was done to cut down on people getting hurt, or worse, after copying what they had seen in such videos.

Videos include such examples as the “Tide Pod” Challenge where people are challenged to actually eat the small laundry detergent pods on videos for the site, or the “Fire” Challenge where people douse themselves in flammable liquids and set themselves on fire.

Common sense for a lot of people is not to do them but these things are still being done or were before Youtube finally put a stop to things like that.

“YouTube has long prohibited videos which promote harmful or dangerous activities and we routinely review and update our enforcement guidelines to make sure they’re consistent and appropriately address emerging trends,” a Youtube representative said.

The company not only bans videos where people do challenges or pranks on themselves but also videos where they hold these pranks on other people. Things like the “home invasion” prank will no longer be allowed on the site. Most would say for good reason.

Recently the Sandra Bullock movie Bird Box, where the characters in the Netflix original movie have to navigate an island while staying blindfolded has inspired a whole bunch of “challenges” where people have to do things while blindfolded as well. This led to teen in Utah being in a collision with a truck because they were driving blindfolded. Luckily the teen or the driver of the other vehicle were not hurt in the accident.

Layton Police on Twitter

Bird Box Challenge while driving…predictable result. This happened on Monday as a result of the driver covering her eyes while driving on Layton Parkway. Luckily no injuries.

The Netflix original movie comes with a warning from Netflix itself not to attempt to copy anything seen in the movie. As can be seen, those warnings are not always adhered too and people blindfold themselves and attempt to do things that people would not normally be doing without sight.

This idea is not a new one. Personally, as a pro wrestling fan, I remember the days when backyard wrestling groups were all the rage with “extreme” style wrestling federations like ECW and the teenagers and kids that would try to mimic the stuff they would see on TV. Many times they would end up getting hurt from either trying a wrestling move and ending up severely hurt and even paralyzed, or worse taking an object like glass, barbed wire, or other objects and hitting each other with them, often times claiming that they would get noticed by the WWE and become wrestling stars themselves. Most of those kids did not and had life long injuries that they had to live with because of that. A number of locations and states have rules against unlicensed shows being held largely because of the “backyard” Wrestling fad.

Realistically, banning these videos not only cuts down on viewers doing some admittedly stupid things, but this is seen as an attempt by the site from being sued by people who would then blame the site for hosting such videos. While the videos might be viewed on other sites, Youtube would be able to say that these videos were not viewed on their site and they would not be responsible for anything that comes of it. There has been no comment or action taking from any other video sites. However, when Youtube itself is enacting the change, other sites are sure to follow.


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