WWE wrestling adds some New faces to their shows.

WWE announces some new wrestlers to their shows.

Every so often the WWE finds that interest in their product is not at a place they are happy with. Television ratings are down and interest in the pro wrestling they producing is not reaching the audience the way that they want.

Recently one of those moments arrived. Online reaction to the last number of weeks worth of shows, said to be written and put together by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon himself, was not positive. Some of the episodes of their Monday Night Raw program on the USA Network have been reaching lows in their ratings not seen in years.

In reaction to that, McMahon appeared on RAW Monday night along with his son Shane, daughter Stephanie, and her husband Triple H. The family announced a change in their programming and listening to what the people wanted. Amongst the changes that were being made was “New Superstars” to appear on their shows. Many of these new faces were introduced to fans in video clips and unless you were a big follower of the WWE product, there is not much of a clue of who these people are. So here is a look to see some of the newer faces that will be seen on WWE’s programming in the near future.

Lars Sullivan, EC3, Lacey Evans, Heavy Machinery and Nikki Cross are coming: Raw, Dec. 17, 2018

Multiple NXT Superstars are making their WWE debuts on either Raw or SmackDown LIVE. #Raw GET YOUR 1st MONTH of WWE NETWORK for FREE: http://wwenetwork.com ——————————————————————— Follow WWE on YouTube for more exciting action! ——————————————————————— Subscribe to WWE on YouTube: http://bit.ly/1i64OdT Check out WWE.com for news and updates: http://goo.gl/akf0J4 Find the latest Superstar gear at WWEShop: http://shop.wwe.com ——————————————— Check out our other channels!

Lars Sullivan:

Videos have been hyping his debut for weeks. A lot of fans believe he is “graduating” from the NXT “developmental” program because of his look alone. He was a big name in NXT but never had any long-term feuds with anyone or any stand out matches in the ring. The highest he ever got on a card on NXT was the challenge for the NXT title in one of the few time that the NXT Title was not in the main event.

Mustafa Ali:

Unlike the other news names, Ali comes from WWE’s cruiserweight show 205 Live. Although he was never Cruiserweight champion on the show, he challenged for the title numerous times against former champion Cedric Alexander and current champion Buddy Murphy. Ali is a high flier with a lot of dives and flips either off the top rope or over it. The WWE seems to think a lot of Ali as he faced the WWE Champion Daniel Bryan on his first appearance on the Tuesday Night Smackdown show and then pinned Bryan during a tag team match the next week after it was announced he was part of the Smackdown roster now.


Portrays a spoiled “Top 1%” upper crust type character, something he cultivated from his time as a top wrestler for WWE’s competition, Impact wrestling (The EC in EC3 is Ethan Carter, as he was the storyline nephew of Impact’s then owner Dixie Carter). He was never a champion in NXT either but was a marquee wrestler there, being put in big matches against big-name opponents.

Lacey Evans:

A woman who was first introduced during the 2017 May Young Classic Women’s wrestling tournament shown on the WWE Network. A legitimate Marine Veteran before her wrestling days. She has taken the look of a 1940’s style pinup model with the attitude of being a “Real Lady” and bringing more “class” wherever she goes. Her finisher that she ends matches with is the “Woman’s Right” which is a straight punch to the face.

Nikki Cross:

Probably the most confusing name announced as she has already debuted on the Smackdown show weeks ago and even wrestled on Smackdown already. Was attached to the psycho “Sanity” stable during her time in NXT but was not included with the group when the others were moved to the Smackdown show. Her character is that she is CRAZY. She speaks in weird and broken sentences and often people can’t understand what she is talking about anyway. Was never an NXT women’s champion but fought for the belt more than once, including a match against current champion Shayna Baszler when Nikki had a smile on her face as she was choked into unconsciousness.

Heavy Machinery:

Tucker Knight and Otis Dozovic. Both men are big and powerful guys, even if Otis is shorter than a lot of the wrestlers on WWE programming. Tag teams are not the WWE’s strong point so many fans do not have high hopes for the team, but the future can be hard to predict in the WWE. They are excitable and odd characters so they fit right in on either WWE show.

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