World’s Best-Kept Secrets

Secrets are sometimes the road to success. And sometimes they can make you a fortune. Take as an example Coca-Cola, one of the most popular companies in the world. They’ve literally made money by being original and not letting anyone else know their secret formula. There are also the secrets as a part of the world’s history that we’re all dying to know. But such thing will probably never happen. Check out these four secrets that have been a mystery to the world since forever. 

The Recipe of Coca-Cola

After so many years of speculation and false reveals, the recipe of everyone’s favorite drink Coca-Cola still remains a mystery. One of the world’s best-kept secrets keeps attracting attention. The myth says that only two people in the world know the exact recipe for this bubbly drink. These two Coca-Cola executives are not allowed to be located at the same place, and not even fly the same plane. This way the company wants to avoid to lose both of them in case of a disaster. The original recipe with all the exact ingredients is kept in a vault in a SunTrust Bank located in Atlanta. To keep the bank silent and to avoid leakage, Coca-Cola awarded SunTrust with around 50 million of stock in their company.

Back in 1977, Coca-Cola decided to back up from their deal in India, because the country requested that the company revealed their list of ingredients. You can obviously tell how dedicated they are to keeping the secret. Coca-Cola is actually the product of Dr. John Pemberton from Georgia, who first created the recipe in 1863. Since then, it went through several changes.

KFC’s Original’s Recipe

Another giant company that has been around for quite a while. KFC is not only the favorite chicken meal to Americans, but it is also available all around the world. The world’s fourth-largest food restaurant chain first introduced their unique herbs and spices recipe in the 1930s. The thing is that today the ingredients list is extremely protected. It includes exactly 11 herbs and spices, which are today written in a list and safely placed in a safe. This secret is well-kept in Louisville, Kentucky in the company’s headquarters. The rumor is that only two high-ranking employees know the full list. They do get the spices and herbs from different suppliers, but there is actually a computer which does the mixing and the final job.

The Origin of HIV/AIDS

For some a huge plot, for others just a virus that originates from somewhere. The actual way of how, when and where the HIV virus first appeared is also considered to be among the world’s best-kept secrets. For a number of people, the theory that it appeared in Africa is just a story to take people’s attention away from the truth. According to scientists, HIV mutilated from a different virus that was thriving in Africa. But there is no knowledge of how and when it did. The other side of the story is a darker one. The word out there is that HIV and AIDS were actually created in a laboratory by scientists. Also, there is an opinion that the cure for these two conditions is already discovered, but it’s been kept a secret.

The Death of Adolf Hitler

One of the most talked about villains in the world, Adolf Hitler presumably died by taking his own life. At least that is a general opinion and an official statement. Hitler killed himself on April 30th, 1945 in an underground bunker. Once he realized that there is no chance of winning the war, he took his own life. There is another theory that is more than interesting. The word is that FBI discovered documents and evidence that point out to the fact, that Hitler actually escaped from Germany before the Red Army got to the capital of Germany.

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