Will Roseanne be leaving her own show?

Time for Something new to come along?

The fallout from Roseanne’s firing from her own reboot keeps on going as a new wrinkle seems to have developed.

The old show
The old days

Roseanne was the star of her latest attempt on TV. Despite the fact the comedian is known in part for making racist and controversial tweets on her twitter,  empowered by President Trump and his politics. ABC thought it would be a good idea to once again put a spotlight on their once famous star (He show Roseanne was a big rating getter back in the 80’s and the first half of the 90’s). The show was an update from her previous ABC network sitcom with slightly older characters and that the children from the series would have grown and had lives and children of their own. This was a veiled attempt to bring in newer politics and sensibilities to an old idea and hope to strike gold again.

They tried
The new show

The show was canceled after two months.

Network hell!
Never a good sign

It wasn’t a huge surprise either that the 65-year-old who once tweeted pictures of herself dressed as HITLER would be controversial, and she was. She continued to tweet up a storm and attack people, but now the network was giving her a soapbox to do it from. When she finally got TOO controversial, the show was given the ax and she was given the boot, explaining things away in a drugged fueled excuse that she was actually trying to be anti-semitic.

Should have known
A bad idea

But there were a few out there that wondered “What happens to everyone else?” And they had a point. John Goodman, Sara Gilbert, and the many others who also were a part of this project saw their futures go down the tubes over Roseanne’s attempt at humor. An idea began to hatch to do the rest of the series, without it’s named star.

A big idea!
An idea!

The idea of doing Roseanne without her caught on and getting more traction as it has been announced the series may just go on with Sara Gilbert’s character (the youngest Daughter) getting the show instead as Darlene.

She would be the star!
Yes, Her

This is actually not as far-fetched as many people consider it. Shows have gone on without their lead roles they started with. And some of flourished while some fell by the wayside. When I heard about this latest round of news my memories were already turning.

Oh boy
One of these things didn’t work

The most famous example for me would have been the show, Valerie. This was originally conceived as a mid-’80s vehicle for ’70s actress Valerie Harper as the head of a sitcom family.

However, the idea of having a sitcom based on her went way to her head, asking for a huge raise with the idea that NBC wouldn’t fire her as the star.

They did.

There were lawsuits.

The show wasn’t axed completely though. Valerie was literally killed off, bringing in Sandy Duncan to replace her and making the show The Hogan Family. The show ended up being a big win for NBC and CBS for years.

Then again there are shows like Chico and the Man and 8 Simple Rules and those that didn’t make it very far without their star, but the point I’m making is that it CAN be done. It will take a lot of writing and character development, but it can be done.

She can do it!
She might be able to do it!

Roseanne was never really known for its complex stories or biting satire, in either version, but this may be the opportunity to show audiences of the different generations that this crop of writers can accomplish something new. Sara Gilbert isn’t the little kid from the show’s old days anymore either. Maybe it will be time to show that from her and the others as well.

She needs one!
Give her a chance

On the other side of that, there comes a time for EVERY show where it just runs out of gas. While this is a reboot and serves nothing more than trying to bring back success from a generation ago. This turn of events has given the stars and the writers a new chance to go somewhere with this, but let’s see if they are able to, or if they are want to.

Roseanne was the star of the show, in name and in the creation of the show as well, but there are a lot of talented people involved as well, this could be the reason for them to show it.


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