Why Do We Love Reality Shows?

reality shows

Reality shows brings entertainment to television. No matter how many times we say we hate drama. It still captures our attention. Reality shows are here to stay. Think about how boring tv would be without it. Want to know why we love reality shows? It’s because most of the drama relates to everyday situations.

Mostly everyone has experience getting cheated on, arguments with fake friends, and other crazy drama. Also, they make sure there is a juicy storyline. Even if the storyline is fake that won’t stop us from watching our favorite show. Nowadays people idolized reality stars. Let’s not forget the big paychecks the stars receive. They make it seem like being on reality tv is easy.

Also, they influence the show viewers. It makes the viewers think about becoming the next reality star. So, they can make some quick cash. People will make a fool of themselves so they are the highest paid reality star. Now you see why most of us love reality shows. It makes you believe in having a glamorous lifestyle if you make a fool out of yourself on tv. We can get paid for basically doing whatever we want. No living from paycheck to paycheck anymore. Reality shows keeps us entertained and gives us drama to gossip about.

Why do you love reality shows? Does it affect your lifestyle?

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