Weekend Box Office Top 10 | October 27-29

This Weekend Box office top 10 brought just about $57 million to the box office, a 25% drop from last weekend. A terrible haul for the domestic box office and Hollywood. Fortunately Thor 3 hauls in over $100 million on its international debut, ahead of it’s US release. Leading the box office this week was Jigsaw with $16.3 million. Suburbicon featuring Matt Damon was a disappointment and a flop at the box office finished at #8 with $2.8 million. Thank you for your service came in at #6. Tyler Perry’s Boo 2! A Madea Halloween and Geostorm both dropped a spot from last week to close out the top 3 this week end finished out the top 3. It seems Hollywood is in need of a blockbuster weekend. Hopefully Thor will answer that next weekend.

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#1 – Jigsaw — $16.3 millionJigsaw

#2 – Tyler Perry’s Boo 2! A Madea Halloween  — $10 millionboo 2 madea

#3 – Geostorm — $5.7 milliongeostorm

#4 – Happy Death Day — $5.1 million
happy death day

#5 – Blade Runner 2049 — $4 millionblade runner

#6 – Thank You For Your Service — $3.7 millionthank you for your service

#7- Only The Brave — $3.5 millionOnly The Brave

#8 – The Foreigner— $3.2 millionthe foreigner

#8 – Suburbicon — $2.8 millionsuburbicon

#10 – It — $2.5 millionIT movie






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