Weekend Box Office Top 10 June 9-11

This weekend box office top 10 saw The Mummy come back to life across the world. However not enough people stood witness to it, as it was Wonder Woman who dominated the box office for a second straight week with a $57,180,000 Weekend Gross, bringing her total to now over $200,000,000. the Mummy finished second with $32,246,100.

To find out where we had Wonder Woman and The Mummy in our list of top movies this summer and see what else is worth your dime this summer check out our 13 most anticipated movies of the summer

#1 Wonder Woman

This week: 1

Last Week: 1

Weekend Gross: $57,180,000

Total Gross: $205,002,503

#7 Baywatch

This week: 7

Last Week: 5

Weekend Gross: $4,600,000

Total Gross: $51,065,135

#8 Megan Leavey

This week: 8

Last Week: New

Weekend Gross: $3,767,722

Total Gross: $3,767,722

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