These Are The World’s Healthiest Countries For 2018

‘There are those countries in the world that surprise with their care for the population and the way the people there live. Stress-free life, good income, great diet, sports activities all bring a long and happy living. If you are obsessed with knowing more about the way people live, you will be obsessed with this article that tells you more about the healthiest countries in the world. Most of them are expected, thanks to how they function in every other aspect of the society.


Switzerland is not only one of the happiest, wealthiest countries, but is also listed among the healthiest in the world. The estimated life expectancy for this European country is 82.9 years. If you want to live a long and prosper life, you now know where to move. The people who live in Switzerland have all the benefits they need to be happy and satisfied. A stress-free environment always leads to a longer life. All of this combined with the active lifestyle that the country basically offers at every single step, you get why Switzerland is one of the healthiest places to live in. The approximate GDP per capita is $47,863, which is definitely a high number. Plus, the healthcare services are universal, making it easier for everyone to have the appropriate access to a doctor.


You will be stunned to hear that the average life expectancy in Singapore is 83.1 years. It is highly rated as one of the top three healthiest countries in the world. Singapore has a population of around 5.5 million people, which makes things even more impressive. This is quite a large number of citizens with a high average life expectancy. When it comes to the GDP, this country offers another surprise. It is estimated to be $78,762.

The life here is expensive, there are many rules, but it’s all for the best of reasons. People earn very well, which is one of the factors that makes Singapore a healthy country. They are making strong efforts to have an amazing health system with implementing preventive measures, early treatment, awareness, special laws, protecting and keeping clean the environment and so much more. If you’ve ever thought about moving, Singapore now sounds like a great idea.


Japan is officially the healthiest country in the world with an average life expectancy of 83.7. While we all hope to live to our 70s, Japanese are living the longest of lives. There are so many different reasons that lead to the population living a healthy and long life. If you’ve ever longed to witness the mesmerizing Japanese cherry blossoms, you can feel safe to move to this country. You will be another addition to the 126 million people who already live there. The GDP per capita is not as high as the previous countries, with an estimated worth of $37,68.

But the Japanese are driven by another force. They are all very respectful towards the environment, probably like no other nation in the world. They blindly respect rules and laws and have a good healthcare system. When it comes to diet, Japanese are known for their healthy choices, which strongly adds up to the good quality of life.


This might come as a surprise, but Italians tend to live a long life. Their average life expectancy is estimated to be 83.1 years. When it comes to the income, it is rated to be approximately $30,803. Italians love taking care of their health, mostly through the diet. Most of the population of this country is enjoying different activities including sports and exercise.

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