These Are The Biggest Airplane Mysteries Ever

Airplanes are so fascinating and become even more interesting when you hear about all the airplane mysteries that have happened in the past. Almost every year we witness new planes that disappear and are never found. Check out the ones that really had our mind boggled.

The Amelia Earhart Mystery

Although the world thought that Amelia Earhart died in a plane crash, that might not be completely true. She was in a Lockheed Electra trying to make her way around the world. This all happened in 1937. For quite a while the general opinion was that this plane crashed and the only proof was the left radio transmissions. Decades after the happening the word came out that a photograph appeared which shows that Amelia was kidnapped by the Japanese. During the flight over the Pacific Ocean, the plane went down, and Japanese air forces got to her. But this is only a theory that has never been proven to be right. There are several other scenarios, which are also just theories for now. The chances are we’ll never find out what exactly happened to this aviator.

There is a documentary called Amelia Earhart: The Lost Evidence that tells the part of the story where the Japanese are the ones who had her. It also claims that the US government was very much aware of that but they didn’t take action to save Earhart.

The D. B. Cooper Mystery

This is another one of the popular airplane mysteries which happened in 1971. It is quite a crazy mystery about a guy who managed to hijack a Boeing 727 without being caught. This person boarded the plane under the name D. B. Cooper and took over the plane. He took over $200.000 from the passengers, put on a parachute and went off the plain. This happened somewhere over Mexico. The plane ended up landing in Seattle. Unfortunately, the police never gathered the necessary evidence to find out who Dan Cooper is. FBI claimed that the hijacker probably did not survive the fall, but after so many years there is still no closure to this mystery.

The Helios Airways Flight 522 Mystery

It was August 14, 2005, when the Helios Airways flight 522 became a part of history. This is one of the craziest, most mind-blowing airplane mysteries that have ever happened. The plane was doing a short trip from Cyprus to Greece when it lost contact with the radio control. It first went off course, when the radio traffic controllers tried to get in touch. They had 19 unsuccessful tries, then finally got in touch with the plane. Two F-16s got to the flight 522 and noticed that the pilot was gone, with an empty chair, while the co-pilot was not conscious. The craziest thing is that all of the passengers were frozen to a temperature of -50 C degrees. The autopilot function was still on, so the F16s continued to follow the plane for one more hour until it crashed. All of the 117 passengers were declared dead. The investigation showed that the pilot probably did not go through the procedure of pressurization properly, which led to the disaster. According to many, this event is still a huge mystery.

The Flight 19 Mystery

Have you heard of the Bermuda Triangle? This is one of the most talked about spots in the world that regularly brings mysteries. The event happened during World War II. 14 members of the United States Navy disappeared after going over the Bermuda Triangle. What’s even more interesting, the US sent 13 more soldiers to look for their friends, but they disappeared as well.

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