The Weekly News Round Up for February 22.

The interesting news collected for you!

Hello Nacho readers! It is that time of the week again! So with a mountain of snow in my yard and more on the way, here is this week’s look at interesting news stories carried on the internet!

Giant tortoise believed extinct for 100 years discovered in Galapagos

A species of giant tortoise thought to be extinct for over a hundred years has been found on the Galapagos island of Fernandina, according to Ecuador’s government.

independent has this news story about a species of a giant tortoise that was thought to have died out over 100 years ago. But surprise! Some members of the species are living currently on the Galapagos Islands! A large expedition found the female member of the “lost species” and scientist will be examing her and looking for more!

Pottery reveals America’s first social media networks: Ancient Indigenous societies, including Mississippian Mound cultures, were built through social networks

Long before Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and even MySpace, early Mississippian Mound cultures in America’s southern Appalachian Mountains shared artistic trends and technologies across regional networks that functioned in similar ways as modern social media, suggests new research from Washington University in St. Louis.

Science Daily has this news story that pottery samples have been found that suggest ancient Mississippian Mound cultures in North America’s South had something akin to today’s social networks. The pottery ranges between 1,200 and 350 years ago and was studied for the evolution of pottery techniques and symbols on them to send messages between communities of the time. Makes me wonder what kinds of memes were in style 1000 years ago.

The Washington Post has this news story that a new moon has been discovered around the planet, Neptune. The moon is named  Hippocamp after a man/fish creature from Geek Legend. It is said that Hippocamp is actually a long ago chuck to the much larger moon Proteus that was chipped off in some sort of ancient collision.

Citizen scientist finds ancient white dwarf star with enigmatic dust rings –

A volunteer working with the NASA-led Backyard Worlds: Planet 9 project has found the oldest and coldest known white dwarf – an old Earth-sized remnant of a sun-like star that has died – ringed by dust and debris. Astronomers suspect this could be the first known white dwarf with multiple dust rings.

Meanwhile, Science Blog tells this news story of a civilian volunteer for NASA finding a White Dwarf Star is space with dust particles around it. It is said this dying star is cold be the oldest and coldest White Dwarf star found and also one with dust rings of matter orbiting around it. White Dwarf stars are stars that used to be like our own sun at one time but are dying out as the energy is used up. This one was found with a lot of dust and rock orbiting rings around it making this even more unusual.

Chris Hemsworth to play Hulk Hogan in big-screen biopic

Thor star to take on famed wrestler in film from Hangover director Todd Phillips that will focus on Hogan’s origin story

The Guardian has the news story of Chris Hemsworth is slated to star in the title role of Hulk Hogan in a biopic of the wrestling megastar. The movie hasn’t been given a name yet, but it is said to be directed by Todd Phillips, who directed the Hangover Movies and the upcoming Joker prequel. The WWE has yet to be named as being involved so many wrestling fans are wondering how this will work out with WWE owning many of the names and characters that have come up. Hogan is also known for stretching the truth about himself a bit (He once claimed to have tried out for Metalica back in the day) so who knows how accurate it will be either.

Paris 2024: Breakdancing proposed as new Olympic sport

Organizers of Paris 2024 have proposed that breakdancing should be included as a new sport in the Olympic program.

CNN by way of MSN has this news story about Breakdancing being proposed to become an Olympic Sport in the 2024 Games in Paris. The “sport” is being suggested along with Climbing, Surfing, and Skateboarding to be part of the games. The IOC has until the end of 2020 to make the decision. Not exactly cutting edge on these ideas, but those proposing the idea are in the 1980s now.

Peter Tork, The Monkees bassist, dies | Atlanta: News, Weather and Traffic

Peter Tork, the bassist for the 60’s rock group The Monkees, has died, The Washington Post is reporting. Tork’s sister confirmed that he died Thursday at the age of 77.

WSB Radio has the news story on the death of Peter Tork, the bassist for the Monkees TV band from the late 1960s has died at the age of 77. He played a kind of a dizzy character of himself on the show when it started on NBC in 1966 and ran until 1968

NBC News has this news story of DNA testing leading to an arrest of the murder of an 11-year-old girl back in 1973. 72-year-old James Alan Neal was arrested in Colorado Springs after testing showed a link to the murder of Linda O’Keefe of Southern California decades ago. Prosecutors are now looking for the death penalty for Neal but it gets a bit muddled since capital punishment was not an option at the time of the girl’s death.

USA Today has the news story of the massive snowstorm moving east across the united states. I’m out on the east coast in Maine and we just got over one snowstorm and we are getting prepared for more! Better crank up the heat and stay inside for a while because it’s not getting any better!

With that advanced warning of a ton of snow on the way, I leave you once again with the advice to keep your eyes open and keep reading!

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