The Weekly News Round Up for December 28

All the news to close out the year!

Hello Nacho Readers! Hope you all had a good holiday. It is the weekend so here is another heaping helping of the Weekly Round Up of interesting news found on the internet! We are wrapping up the year but before we do I’ve found a few things to read over

The Virginian Pilot has an article on a High School wrestling ref who forced a wrestler to cut his hair RIGHT THERE or the match would be a forfeit. The High School has said they will not appear at any more events with that referee. The Ref was totally in the wrong in the way this was handled and hope they won’t be reffing any more matches at all. There are rules do this sport so get them right!

Engadget has this story of a fake Alexa app that has appeared on Apple’s downloaded programs chart! The Fake app asks for a serial number of the Alexa as well as an IP Address, and who knows what it does with that info. If you have a new Alexa, might want to stay clear of this scam.

Instagram accidentally made users’ feeds scroll horizontally

Rumors about such a move circulated in October, though at the time it looked like the feature would be limited to the Explore tab. “We’re always testing ways to improve the experience on Instagram and bring you closer to the people and things you love,” a spokesperson told TechCrunch in October.

Engadget also has this more unusual story as users on Instagram were met with a surprise Thursday. It said that the user interface had moved things around a bit and notably had users scrolling horizontally instead of vertically. It is said to be a test, but many users are not in favor of it. Big surprise huh?

MSN has the story of a US firm is blaming the October air crash of Lion Air Flight 610 on a bad design from the maker’s of the place, Boeing. The flight killed all 189 aboard the plane when it crashed off the coast of Indonesia. The firm out of Chicago says that the New 737 MAX has flaws in its design. Boeing, of course, denies that. We shall see where this goes.

Negotiations to end partial government shutdown at a standstill

On day six of a partial government shutdown, negotiations among Democrats, Republicans and the White House appear to be going nowhere. The impasse has left about 420,000 federal workers working without pay and another 380,000 furloughed.

ABC News has this story on the continuing coverage of the Partial Shutdown of the US Government, It appears that our President is trying to get funding for his wall idea. Right. Have fun with that. I’m not in favor of closing down the government over Christmas and into the new year, let alone over such a petty idea.

Winning $298 Million Powerball Jackpot Ticket Sold in NYC

It’s been a heck of a holiday week for someone in Brooklyn.

NBC New York has the story of one winning ticket to Powerball was sold in Brooklyn. The jackpot was for a nice chunk of change of $298.3 Million. No winner has come forward yet but they have 60 days to do so. That s a heck of a paycheck and a nice way to be set for a long while.

USA Today has the story of the January 20th Super Blood Wolf Moon eclipse. The Moon will be extra close due to its revolutions around the Earth (the “Super” part) and since it is early in the year it is also called a “Blood Wolf” moon as well. There doesn’t seem to be any Werewolves attached to this, but you never know! If you find yourself on Monday morning waking up with torn clothes and no idea where you were most of the night, you might be in trouble!

Indonesia Extends Exclusion Zone Around Volcano That Caused Tsunami

Indonesian authorities have increased the alert level around the Anak Krakatau volcano and re-routed flights after a series of eruptions that triggered a deadly tsunami over the weekend. An exclusion zone around the volcano, located on an island in the Sunda Strait between Sumatra and Java, was extended to a 3-mile radius.

npr has this story of the Area around the Volcano Krakatau has been under a safety watch and now being extended to a 3-mile radius. A partial collapse of the volcano into the oceans caused a 6-foot tall Tsunami that hit coastlines with little warning as there was no earthquake. The Tsunami’s toll is around 430 people that was swe[pt away or otherwise killed.

Dow tumbles 400 points just one day after record 1,000-point gain

Wall Street reversed course on Thursday, just one day after the Dow Jones Industrial Average broke a record for the biggest single-day point gain. The blue-chip index on Thursday lost half the previous day’s gains, tumbling by around 500 points after the opening bell, before recovering slightly by mid-morning.

NBC News has a look at the Yo-Yo stockmarket. The Dow Jones Industrial Average gained over 1,000 points yesterday but today lost almost half that. The word is, a report ant President Trump will exercise a ban on goods made from Chinese Telecommunications giants Huawei (who’s CFO was picked up in Canada and imprisoned) and ZTE. Good thing I don’t invest in the stock market right now!

And with that, we end another weekly Round Up and this year. I hope everyone out there had a great Holiday and are doing well. Remember that in Life to keep your eyes open and keep reading!


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