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Now featuring Drugs, Fire, and a POUND of Yakisoba!

It’s nearing the end of another week and once again a lot of news has crossed these eyes. A lot of that is the more boring and mainstream stuff, but if you are reading this, where is the fun in that?

No more!

One of the biggest stories this week is Roseanne and the cancellation of her show after some racist and hateful tweets she sent out. The fallout has been just as incredible as Roseanne blames being on Ambien and thinking that former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett was Jewish.  That is supposed to be an apology? “Sorry, but I was trying to be anti-semitic but the drugs got in the way?” Anywho, The Ambien people actually responded that being a racist is not a known side effect of the drug. Well there! That would be “We are not part of this sinking ship.” reply.

Thank you Sir!
Blake Painter

A bit of sad news as Former “Deadliest Catch” crewmen Blake Painter has been found dead in his Oregon home.  No foul play has been suspected and it looks like he had passed away a number of days before. Blake was known for being the top crewman and sometimes Captain of the F/V Maverick boat in the show’s early seasons. However, Blake and The Maverick crew quit the reality show after Painter’s exit (for part of a season) was edited for broadcast.  Thank you for your service, Sir. As a former watcher of the show. Thank you.

Seriously, if the USGS has to warn you, it's extra dangerous!
That’s crazy!

In a follow up to a story that we’ve been covering on here for a while, The volcanos that have erupted in the big island of Hawaii have produced a strange side story away from the disaster of a volcanic eruption. The United State Geological Survey, you know, the people who study Volcanos and other earth-like activities, have actually issued a warning to people NOT to roast your marshmallows over open volcanic vents. It’s true!

With all the Tv announcements going around with ties to racism and drugs, the Gamers of the world got some good news with video game maker Bethesda announcing the next in the line of Fallout games, Fallout 76. Not a lot of information has been released on it right now but what can be deducted is that it actually takes place much earlier than any of the other games. Guesses are that it is set in Virginia, that is close to Bethesda’s real home base. This is supposed to set up a much bigger and detailed presentation at the big Electronic’s Conference E3 here in a few weeks. I’m a big Fallout fan so I am already on this news.

They did the right thing
These guys get it!

In more video game news, Valve, the producers of the Steam streaming game software have announced that the developer of that horrendous “School Shooter” demo game that was released on their service has been removed. I don’t blame them. That was just a bad idea at completely the wrong time, who knows what they actually charged anyone (or were going to charge them) for that mess. First person shooter games are one thing, but that is not only going WAY to far with it, but it just comes off as a terrible attempt to get noticed. Bad move and hope people learn for that one, there are just some things that should NOT make it into the game world.

Kakuryu is THE MAN

This is going to be a bit off the wall for most of you sports fans, but the May Sumo tournament wrapped up last Sunday. The winner of the two-week Sumo tournament was one of the Grand Champions, Kakuryu with his victory over DOMINANT Grand Champion Hakuho. I get not many of you are Sumo fans but I found it to be a hell of a match.  Kakuryu, an overlooked Yokozuna, finished this basho with a 14-1 record. I’m a big follower of the sport, so if anyone comes out the winner on one of those tournaments, I send my Congratulations!

Poor guys
Swirling the drain

In consumer news, Sears Robuck is announcing another round of closures. It’s sad but it had been known for a long time the retailer is dying a slow death. As a former K-mart employee, I’m surprised that they have hung in there as long as they have.

Soanews provided the best picture
a POUND of Instant noodles!

And just to end things on a higher (if mouthwatering) note. Here is a story about a food brand in Japan offering up a meal of A POUND of Yakisoba Noodles! The GIGAMAX isn’t available quite yet, but HOLY CRAP! Only Soranews24 can bring us something like this! Wonder how Mr. Sato isn’t as big as I am!


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