The Venture Brothers Announced to Return Soon!

As soon as This Summer

What is the best way to find out one of your favorite shows is coming back? Directly from the source. While this time of year is perfect for networks to announce new ideas and the ending of old ones, it’s also the time of year where creative types like to announce new ideas as well as the continuation of shows that are working for them. Some come as reboots Either they are changing networks or trying to rehash an old idea with a modern way of thinking. But with all the press releases and “news” stories coming out of the woodwork this time of year, As an animation fan, this made me smile just a little bit more.

The original announcement was made by Cartoon Network, but there was something going on with the Forbes website as well. That’s not the important part to this, as I did not find out about the story through them or any other media source. The story was that Cartoon Network’s affiliated block Adult Swim was bringing back “The Venture Brothers” for another run of episodes this summer. And I found out through the voice of Dr. Venture himself through all these years, James Urbaniak. That is a pretty reliable source.

Cartoon Network itself has backed up the story, and they probably should. After two years of waiting, it’s time to see what is going on with the Venture family!

With shows making their debuts using old names or established creators, you don’t hear much about those that will be coming back, so the news that the series will be returning is welcomed by animation fans and those who want to see Cartoon Network succeed. While many think of shows like Steven Universe, Rick and Morty, and shows aimed at a much different audiences carry the network, The Venture Brothers have a lot of fans as well.

Of course, an announcement is one thing but what to expect should be the next conversation. Venture Brothers may have started as a spoof of Johnny Quest, but it likes to highlight many other mediums too, Besides old cartoons, older “Mystery” type shows were parodied, along with superheroes, super science, and even those from popular music  (Fans will remember David Bowie’s likeness on the show in the past). The show creators like to poke fun in their own ways while not being cruel or mean about it.

Another aspect is what is the show picking up from? The titular characters, The Venture brothers (Hank and Dean) were getting older even in the last season of the show. Hank was trying to be more of the rebel while Dean was looking at being more like his father (for better or worse). What would be in mind for these two this time around? They’ve also been killed off before too. That’s a scary thought and hope it doesn’t come to that at the end!

And bigger than all that is the thought this may be the end of the line for the fans. It is very rare for an American cartoon series to be told ahead of time that things are ending at the end of the season. Venture Brothers have been on and off since the original pilot aired in early 2003. It’s weird to keep thinking “This could be the last one” when something like this is announced, but some fans keep that thought in the back of their mind.

Whatever may be coming, or if this is the last season for the show or not, Here is hoping that it will be a good one and fans like me and a lot of others have another good time. Maybe we’d all get lucky and introduce more content, but the stuff coming this summer will be good enough for now.


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