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I’m a big Youtube watcher. I can spend hours watching videos or keeping up with different channel and I will be a happy boy for the day. I find it is a great form of entertainment when you aren’t as much of a slave to the schedule of TV networks or DVR recordings that you will find elsewhere. One Youtuber I’ve been following a lot lately is Mikey Chen.

Mikey Chen

Mikey is a vlogger from New York. He has his own Youtube Channel, but Mikey hosts so much more. He also hosts his other Youtube channel Strictly Dumplings and even more.

But the content I find Mikey Chen at his best deal with food and travel, sometimes in the same breath. His videos tend to show places around the world that has outstanding food. He tends to skew towards Asian foods.


Chinese mostly as that what his background is. He has done a lot of videos from Japan and is just at home with the foods he finds there. He covers a lot of Asian restaurants he finds himself in both at home in New York or in the other parts of the world he is in.

And that leads to his other big theme in his videos and that is travel. He has many business interests that has him travel around the world and he loves to show his travels on Youtube. Not only will he show you the different things he eats, but he shows the places he finds them in, along with the hotels he stays at and the flights he took to get there. His reviews of the hotel rooms he is staying in or even the plane ride to wherever he finds himself are just as good of reviews as the videos he does of the food he eats.

And no matter the video he is hosting, he goes a LOT of places. He not only has done content from his home stomping grounds in New York, but has traveled to places like Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, IndiaHawaii, Mongolia, and a number of other places the winds take him. He will cover the places he is staying at, the area around him, and good places around to get some good grub.

He is like a Youtube version of the Travel Channel. You get to see a lot of different parts of the world, even if you will probably never get there yourself. That also brings in part of the charm of his videos in that not only do you see areas and foods of the world you may never get to experience, but it isn’t the touristy high-end sights that look good on TV and are only available to high-end TV budgets. But Mikey goes the places a little more down to Earth. He is more apt to get his food and go to places that more regular people go to than big-budget TV places that most people can not afford without the helping hand of the lottery to get you there. Mikey had done a number of videos of stuff he finds at 7-11 stores and McDonald’s instead of fancy restaurants.

As mentioned before, he excels in his flight reviews as well. He does a lot of traveling and will make videos of the different airports he is at and the different flights he uses to get there. Whether he is on a plane going to or coming from Japan, Vietnam, Mongolia, or wherever else, he will give you his review of the seat he is in, what class he is traveling (Economy, business class, or other) and especially whatever meals he gets during his flight. Some of his travels spend a lot of time in the air so he may get more than one meal during his flight and he will keep you right there to see a lot of what he got to experience.

So if you ever wanted to know what you will see in New York, Japan, and a lot of other places, or you wanted to know what it is like to travel in a JAL or a Singapore airlines flight, get on of Mikey Chen’s Channel a look (or his other channel Strictly Dumplings) or find him on one of his other social media outlets like Twitter and Instagram. Mikey’s videos are a great way to travel even if you do not have the money to get there or to eat the food.


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