The New Faces of WWE

Wrestlemania 34 is now in the rear view window, but the excitement keeps going as the shows after the big event has now become part of the tradition every year. With the Mania plans now wrapped up, many times the WWE likes to use all the residual attention from old fans and new followers alike to debut new characters toward their major weekly shows and put new faces on their brands.

With both their weekly major TV shows taken place, several new faces to WWE fans have arrived on their programming, and those that may not follow the WWE or their programming religiously may not be familiar with the new arrivals. So here is a look at the post Wrestlemania new arrivals to the WWE’s major programming.

Ember Moon

Recently was the Woman’s Champion of the WWE developmental brand NXT. She debuted for the WWE in 2015 and was given a lot of attention and hype when she debted the “Ember Moon” persona in 2016. She has been a name with NXT’s women’s division and has battled with Asuka in the past. She will soon be a big player for either show and I see her as a woman’s champion within a year or so.

No Way Jose

A bizarre choice here as he hasn’t been seen in NXT for a little while and was only in the crowd for Wrestlemania. Known more for his entrance and party music theme than anything he has actually done in the ring.  So while he spent his time in NXT since 2015, he never had any titles and was on few people’s lists of getting sent to either show after Mania this year. He’s not the type of character that gets over on his own and has a limited shelf life. He will need a lot of help from creative people behind the scenes for people to really buy into it.

Bobby Lashley

A return to the WWE after spending years in WWE’s rival TNA/Impact wrestling. While he was once considered a future bankable star for the WWE in 2004, you can’t live on potential forever. He originally left the WWE in 2008 and has spent the last 10 years wrestling elsewhere and also fighting in MMA for the Bellator Company. This will either be some kind of redemption for the former Amateur Wrestler with the military or another gigantic dud, there seems to be no middle ground for this one. It will be interesting to see if any of the old magic with the WWE is still there or they move on to something else.

The Authors of Pain

Akam and Razar have been part of the NXT brand since 2016 as unstoppable monsters (both guys are over 6 feet tall and around 300 pounds) who rolled over everyone. They took part in Friday’s NXT show as one of the teams challenging for that show’s Tag team title and big things are expected from these two. They are big and rough and the WWE seems to make them comparable to the Road Warriors of back in the day so the WWE sees high hopes for them. While the tag team division of either show is not the greatest, these guys will be big players no matter where they end up.

The Iconics

The Australian women’s duo of Payton Royce and Billie Kay were the major pickups of the Smackdown show and hints are already being made of attaching her to featured player Carmella. They are not terrible wrestlers but their annoying mean girls type characters can rub some fans the wrong way (even though they are playing bad guys) so the future of these two down the road is up in the air for me. They also have to compete with airtime from the Riott Squad group on the same show. So they have the most trouble of anyone coming from NXT into the main WWE Roster.

Wrestling can be fickle and predicting the future is a crapshoot. The WWE will at least give them a try at first, but as longtime wrestling fans could tell you, once the newness wears off, we will see what these new faces are really made of.


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