The Movie Announcement We all Saw Coming

Not that We are Complaining

It finally has come upon us. The secret movie that most people saw coming has released it’s first movie poster. It’s the Lego Movie 2. It’s scheduled for release in 2/8/2019.

The second one
The NEXT Lego Movie

I know, not the biggest surprise you have been made aware of. Anyone even vaguely familiar with The Lego Movie knew a sequel was going to happen. I’m pretty sure Lego themselves even announced it was on its way. In this world now where franchises are the key to movies, it was just kind of assumed it was going to happen. And here we are.

A whole lot of Lego
We’re Here

But, that doesn’t mean it will be bad or not worth seeing.

It was!
Darn good movie

I actually got into The Lego Movie, even if I never saw it in theaters. I watched in on Cable Tv instead (I’m fairly sure it was on Cartoon Network when I saw it first). It had a decent storyline of taking the average guy and making him into something special. That is a good story with a lot of possibilities, and you know what? They took advantage of it and the world it took place in. If you don’t have that it doesn’t resonate. If it doesn’t resonate, no one buys it and you make no money. Sure, it had the usual bells and whistles to help things along with a brand that most EVERYONE knows, celebs to provide the voices, and a kicking soundtrack (How many of us tried to scrub “Everything is Awesome” from our heads?).

Lego symbol
We all know it!

But at the base of it, you need good characters and a good plot, plus an easy way to explain it to people. It worked. Nearly $470 million dollars of reasons why that worked. It had that connection that most of us had, even if we didn’t have a clue about any of the modern stuff. We KNEW about Lego, and it worked.

The Lego movie
That good of a time

I’ll admit though, to me the film wasn’t perfect. It was sold as THE LEGO MOVIE, but I didn’t care for the live action stuff with the son sneaking into an overprotective Dad’s Lego collection. It felt added on and more a distraction to me than the movie itself. I also am not a fan of Will Ferrall. I must be in the minority because the movie did incredible business.

Lots of money!

But it’s time to do the next one.

Lego the movie
Don’t get confused

I haven’t heard any script ideas. But building off of the first movie should be the priority, but not reenacting it either. Retreading the story, especially one for a movie that did so well, will get you a one-way ticket into bankruptcy.

The Bomb

They shouldn’t try to get too modern or “new” either. Go with what people know. Not what you want them to buy next. Transformers and He-man both tried that it didn’t work. New things can be introduced, but you need to do it into THAT world. Into the fans world not your own. Not the other way around. That will get you into trouble.

Emmett was new!
New things can work

And related to that, it IS an established brand now. Even without the Batman and Ninjago related stuff, the name is an established brand. BUT it doesn’t mean that the sequel can coast along and act like everyone knows everything that is going on. It’s not a given that all those people who saw the first Lego Movie will be coming back. It’s very possible, but it is not a given. Don’t make it too complicated and then just throw your hands up and go “It’s in the first movie” in trying to explain anything.

And as fans, especially those who are going to see this movie in theaters or however else you saw that movie the first time, don’t expect things to be the same all around. By the time this movie sees theaters, it will have been 5 years since the original was released. Magic can’t be replicated on the viewer side either. Make new experiences instead of trying to relive the old ones.

Have fun with it!

But most of all, Let’s all have fun with it! Legos are meant to be FUN, and so should the movie. For everyone


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