The Conners will go ahead without Roseanne

ABC to film TV show without its creator

It’s a story that gives us more to wonder about. But the troubles of ABC’s  reboot of the 80’s show Roseanne still keeps us wondering what is going on after it’s star and creator, Roseanne, was booted from the show, The Network, and even her Talent Agency after a series of racist tweets she made, culminating in ABC cancelling their top-rated show “Roseanne” after much ballyhoo that the series had made a comeback. The original show left air back in 1996 and a successful run going back to the 80’s.

Originally announced as being canceled outright, rumors soon began to swirl if the rest of the cast would carry on without her. There was a big rumor that TV daughter and actress Sara Gilbert would take over as showrunner and that it would return as a story about her family with the 65-year-old comedian not involved with the show anymore.

In response, Roseanne herself has made the talk show rounds, usually doing interviews in tears about how she has “lost” everything because of the issue and telling people she is “not racist”. Of course, the photo spread (that I am not linking to) of her dressed as Hitler and baking burned cookies or the racist remark she made on Twitter, make me and others think otherwise.

When she was caught and was facing a network and an audience that were not too pleased with her remarks, she blamed being high on the sleeping medication Ambien, to which the makers of the drug rebuked her saying that “racism is not a known effect of Ambien”.

As you can tell, many are not feeling the same way she is.

The series that got her into this mess will continue on without her. The rumors are that it will air in the timeslot that the second season of the reboot was scheduled to air anyway. Plus not only for all those actors who were involved thinking they were getting into a full season, but the network and all the crew involved, probably like this outcome than the alternative of losing their jobs after only a few episodes because the series star wouldn’t shut up on Social Media.

However, there is another story that could be going on in that this was more planned out than appears. There is talk that Roseanne and ABC had this a little more planned out to give a word of mouth to a network show all this time and that the comedian was never actually supposed to go another full season. As rumors persist, there is even some talk that this whole ordeal with racism and tweeting, has all been planned out and that they are just playing the audience for fools and marks all this time, meanwhile raking in the rewards of the publicity and the viewers for the “Reboot” and the future “Conners” episodes. I have to wonder about those rumors that ABC would put itself on the line like that, meanwhile the former Stand up comic would take such a hard fall to push a show that she isn’t going to be a part of anymore.

We will have the wait for any results. For all we know right now, it could fail miserably and be canceled again. That wouldn’t be doing anyone favors. It could also come out that these “plans” were true, which news of that would also sink the network. Plus, is ABC really that desperate to risk everything on her? The new version of the new series will be retooled and rewritten, and that takes time. No new dates have been set for whatever lies in the future for the highly rated reboot or what else will be in store for it.

As the old saying goes, Stay Tuned for more!


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