The 5 Best Wrestlemania Arenas

It’s a big event for wrestling fans, no matter the age. Wrestlemania is hopefully the best show that the WWE can put on for its fans every year. From the biggest of main events to the stories that have developed over months, even years, at a time reaching their climax during the big show, it is a memorable experience. But above everything else, Wrestlemania has to be actually held someplace. The performers need a stage. You still have to hold the event someplace in the world and hopefully in a place to house all those paying fans who want to see all this take place in front of them.  There have been many locations of the biggest wrestling event of the year, many of them more than once. Out of 33 years of Wrestlemania, here are the best locations that have been the location for wrestling’s star-studded event.

Toronto Skydome

Toronto, Ontario

This baseball stadium first played host to Wrestlemania 6 back in 1990 and then Wrestlemania X8 in 2002. The only times Wrestlemania has gone across the border to the north has been to this location and both times it was an incredible show. I prefer the first time the event was held here as the darkened lighting for the crowd and the people mover carts to take wrestlers to the ring added to the presentation of the show, but the second time the company arrived at the location drew just as impressive of a crowd and were a big part of the event.

Madison Square Garden

New York, New York

The building that has been held in the highest regard by the WWE going back to when Vince McMahon’s father promoted there back in the 50s (although it’s actually a different building). This has held the event 3 times starting with the first one, along with the events at 1994 and 2004, but the or8ginal show was the best for me. No huge elaborate sets and the smaller atmosphere around the ring area made the show look like a big-time sporting event. Later setups for the 10th (1994) and 20th (2004) shows were alright, but the image of the first Wrestlemania in Madison Square Garden helped build the image of the event that started what we are talking about now.

“Trump Plaza”

Atlantic City, New Jersey

A bit of a misnomer as while it was advertised that the events in 1988 and 1989 were held at “Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino” it was actually held in the next door Boardwalk Hall building. The location provided an upscale look to the event with carpeted floor and rugged stairs leading towards the ring. The upscale location also added to the big money feeling of the late 80’s and fits the time perfectly.

Louisianna Superdome

New Orleans, Louisianna

The massive arena that housed Wrestlemania 30, as well as the upcoming event this year, seems like it was built for a big-time wrestling show. With the massive crowds over the multiple levels plays a big event it creates magic in the building. The best example of a perfect visual is when the ultra-popular Daniel Bryan won the WWF Title and the building filled with raining confetti to a cheering crowd. It set the stage for what we have now with the company trying to recreate that magic moment.

Pontiac Silverdome

Pontiac, Michigan

This venue played host to a Wrestlemania only once, but what an impression it made. Although the actual crowd size has been debated for decades, the audience of somewhere between 78,000 and 93,000 people in one place makes a powerful image and one that defines not just wrestling, but the 80’s decade itself. The long walkway to the ring (and aided by people movers), having the ring on a raised platform in the center of the arena, the large hanging screens showing the people in the nosebleed section what was going on, and of course the HUGE crowd made it the perfect environment for that show at that time. It’s a shame the building has since been demolished, but nothing can take away those memories and the images of that magical night.


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