Roseanne’s Show gets Cancelled

The reboot did not last long

It was kind of expected, and the news finally arriving is either going to be good or bad to those who watch or made it a point not to, but Roseanne’s reboot of her old TV show has been given the ax after only two months.

It's the new one
Roseanne’s new show

The show was relaunched earlier this year bringing the stand-up comedian back into the spotlight after her last show (that largely made her famous) was taken off the air back in 1996.

Back in those days, there was a lot of talk that Roseanne Barr (or Arnold or whatever name she went by at any given time) took a lot of control of her show and that some were looking to leave and move on. Despite the rumors, the show stayed in TV’stop 10 for all but it’s last 2 seasons when it fell dramatically to number 16 and then to number 35.

The one people actually remember
The old Show

The show’s last season famously had the middle-class Conner family win the lottery and start traveling the country. Mostly remembered for having the youngest daughter get married but TV husband Dan (played by John Goodman) suffer a heart attack before the ceremony. It was later disclosed that the last season of the show was “made up” and that the universe that the show took place in was made up by a writer (Roseanne herself) and was only “inspired” by the truth. Many found the news, especially that tv husband Dan had actually died of the heart attack, to be too much to learn and ignored the whole season entirely.

Despite the rumors and what actually was the truth, the series still had a lot of fans since those days. It aired constantly in syndication and repeats (also pulled from air now too), with many people, especially those who remembered the original showings,  wanting it to come back, many times not even counting the last season as “cannon” and thus didn’t exist.

21 years later, someone greenlit the idea of bringing the show back.


Of course, this was a different show. The kids from the show had grown up and had kids of their own (trying to be modern and representative), but much of the humor was very different and representative of the modern political climate.

The big difference was that people had moved on and thoughts of those in America had changed. And oh yeah, Roseanne LOVED her twitter. And like others have done before MANY times, she overused it and thought nothing would happen.

I don’t know if what she tweeted or did have any real truth to them or not. Dressing at Hitler (and I am not linking to that!), let alone the cookies “Joke” isn’t going to find you a lot of fans. Maybe she knew all along what she was doing. Maybe she wanted to create a buzz around her. This is hardly the first time her tweeting got her into some trouble. A lot of people were going after the ABC network for paying her for the show, despite her often racist tone and messages she was sending out. Despite all that, it was her tweets about Businesswoman and former White House adviser Valerie Jarrett amongst other things that ABC finally let the ax fall. ABC canceled it’s highest rated show because of this.


Now normally a big television network would be scrambling to apologize and cover up her mess in a situation like this, but ABC only had the show for 2 months on the air before it just pulled the trigger and shot the idea dead. There was scrambling, there was covering up the “shock” factor that Roseanne pulled. ABC even begged the public to keep watching the show DESPITE what it’s star was doing. But it all amounted for naught

What exactly happened behind the scene may come out in time, whether a major sponsor wanted to pull out or not. There had been stories that morning of at least one of the writers (Comedian Wanda Sykes) had left the show over the star’s behavior. Then again there may be a lot of He said/She said stuff with no resolution either.

Whatever the case, it seems someone finally stopped laughing and put their foot down.


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