One look at the lighter side of Cosplay

He is a blend of a cosplayer and a performance artist. He may sometime look like a goof or someone who really oversteps his bounds, but actually is someone who knows very well what he is doing and treats people around him with a lot of respect. Most only know him as D-Piddy, a masked faceless person who makes a load of youtube videos from various anime and geek conventions and locations around the world, but is able to do things the right way so not only those who watch his videos enjoy themselves but those who actually appear in his videos have just as much of a good times.

Not a lot is actually known about the mysterious masked man known as D-Piddy. He is a cosplayer and seems to be based in the United States, along with many of his cohorts over the years that made regular appearances in his youtube videos. He tends to appear at a lot of the biggest anime conventions all over the country, but he will pop up in all kinds of places where he is wanted or in some cases, invited as a guest for his videos.

But besides his wide array of outfits and costumes in his sense of humor and the funny videos he makes. But what many don’t see is that he respects the people he interacts with and isn’t just some goof that invades all kinds of personal space for his own yucks or to get youtube views. From many of those around him or have interacted with him over the years, he is considerate and asks people before he does the things he does on camera.

Mikasa vs Colossal Titan | ミカサ vs 超大型巨人

That strange, miniaturized Colossal Titan finally meets his end.

Those that have seen his videos would most likely recognize him cosplaying the character of Deadpool from Marvel comics. That raises a few flags as many time those in Deadpool costumes have a rep amongst geekier fans for not being the most considerate people, with bad humor and sometimes bad behavior. Often time in the name of “just being in character”. It’s not just the Deadpool cosplayers, hell it’s not even just the cosplayers. Sometimes people like that exist. And that is something that he will make APPEAR as part of his act, being rude to people on screen and get WAY too into their business if you catch my drift.However, from those who have worked with him over the years, he is not all that is seen and not like the character he portrays. Many who have been in his videos have said that he is really nice and asks the people in his videos for not only permission to do the things he does, but makes sure to let them known what he has in mind for his videos. Certainly not the random private-space invading jerk that he can portray in his videos.

Deadpool vs Katsucon 2018

Deadpool goes to Katsucon.

Sure, he portrays this often grabby loser he cannot keep his hands to himself. And he is not advocating that kind of behavior. Neither am I. But what may be lost in his vids and his attics is that there is a line of permission. He asks people before he does these kinds of things. He’s not going to roam the halls of an anime convention with a camera and start offending people and doing awful things to them. That kind of behavior will not only get you thrown out of cons, but the word in the anime, cosplaying, and geek circles spread fast, so he wouldn’t have been asked to attend any of these events if he was a horrible person. His antics are done with permission. People should not actually act like that in real life, ESPECIALLY if permission is not granted. A costume is not something that absolves you or is an excuse for bad behavior. Cosplay is meant to be fun for you and the others at your gathering. Everyone has fun!

So enjoy D-Piddy’s videos, laugh along at his antics, enjoy the cosplay that is being worn by him and the people he is interacting with, but remember that care and doing things the right way is put into his productions all the way from his idea to your desktop or phone.

Cosplay Is Not Consent folks.

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