Making 1700's living entertaining on YouTube.

It seems when anyone talks about YouTubers nowadays it is something negative. It is either about the video site’s Algorithms or the robotic way it tries to enforce copyright to an insane degree, or it is someone using racism and offensive material as “humor” or ways of getting people’s attention, and many times those people are being paid a lot of money by Youtube itself to act like idiots.

But on the other side of that coin are the ones on Youtube that actually put out reasonable and even educational content. Often times Youtube isn’t giving them huge awards or giving them a bank and a half to make their content, but they still put in the time and effort to give people something awesome.

Meet Jonathan Townsend. He is an 18th century (1700s) era reenactor and expert from Indiana. He has his own Youtube channel that takes you back to a day before the United States was even a thing. His Townsend videos explain different things on how people lived in the Colonies back in the day. And it is an amazing watch.

Jonathan has videos explaining such things on how people lived, what they wore, and especially how they ate. The target audience seems more of those in the reenacting circle from that time period, but it appeals to those who just are curious, those who want to learn, and people like myself who get into food videos and seeing what was going into people’s stomachs back in the day.

The thing is with his culinary videos is that he gives instruction for those wanting to live in that period of time, and those of us who have more modern sensibilities in the age of electricity. In his food-related videos, he even sites what books these recipes can be found in and often gives background on different aspects of preparing the dish since of course, back then you couldn’t just get this stuff at the local Shop N’ Save. The recipes may surprise you as there is the stuff you’d expect like pemmican, salted pork, and even gruel. Seriously, you don’t see a proper gruel recipe pop up on The Food Network, do you? There is also ye olden take on more modern foods like onion rings, fried chicken, ice cream, and cheese fritters.

Beyond Food he has many other videos that educate as well like: his video explaining Hessians during the revolutionary war, Bullets and ammo of the time, even a video about how to throw an ax or a tomahawk! Just remember kids, don’t throw axes or tomahawks at your friends or anyone else.That is a big no-no even if you are reenacting the old days.

Along with instructional and educational videos, he also has interviews with others that also help put a frame on the life he portrays on his channel. Other reenactors of different style such as 1700’s era slaves, trappers, hunters, and an interview with a housewife of the period that will either make you laugh or cringe as it is in the idea of a housewife of the time. (it goes without saying the views expressed are not those of me or the website.)

Now, many of you are probably thinking this guy must be a bore to watch with this olden style stuff but he is far from it. He is not dry or boring in his presentation and you can see that Jon earnestly loves what he does and educating people on these things in his videos. He doesn’t take things too far in either direction as he does not present himself as above the people he is trying to educate and entertain. He doesn’t speak down to anyone. Instead, he speaks to his audience with a warm smile and explains things in an easy to understand way.

So if you are looking for something online that will give you information and entertainment, and do it with an honest smile and enjoyment of what he does, check out Townend’s videos on Youtube and visit his site as well. It will give you information and hopefully something positive to fill your brain with.

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