Last Blockbuster video gets its own beer!

Drink and be merry!

Any of you out there remember Blockbuster? That was the national chain of video rental stores that was once a big part of the market and it seemed like those stores were EVERYWHERE. They were meant to be the replacement for the small mom and pop places you would go to. You’d get a copy of the latest video release for a few days before bringing them back to the store.

Times have changed and so has the technology. As people moved away from VHS and DVD and went more and more to digital and streaming tech, those rental places were no longer a viable thing. Over time places like Blockbuster closed down and there is only one store still left. It’s in Oregon and it just got its own brand of Beer!

The brew is called “The Last Blockbuster” and bottles of it will be made available in September. The suds are brewed but a local company in Bend, Oregon named 10 Barrell Brewing Company. The company was bought out by Anheuser-Busch beers back in 2014 so it’s not a bunch of local guys in a basement or anything.

The brew itself is labeled as  “S1nist0r black ale” which is a Schwarzbier, or a German-style brew with dark roasted malts. It is to give it a deep roasted cocoa flavor. The Last Blockbuster also features  “nuances of red licorice” which I’m not sure what that tastes like. I’m thinking of Twizzlers, but I’m probably way off on the flavor. “The Last Blockbuster” is a new label, but 10 Barrell has brewed this style before. At least they know that it actually works and doesn’t taste awful. I’m all for that!

The Last Blockbuster will be available at and prepare for a surprise, The Last Blockbuster store in the United States. It can also be picked up at a few locations on the West Coast run by 10 Barrell so if you are just looking to drink the night away, they got you covered for that.

At the core of it, it is one local business helping out another and getting some advertising too. It helps get the word of the brewing company out there and also gives a boost to the video store in a time where video stores are rapidly becoming a thing of the distant past. It is also a good pairing when some of those “blockbusters” fresh from the theater are released. If you got a night to kill and the movie you rented is becoming a stinker as you watch it, knock back a cold one to get through the experience. Just let yourself get sober again when you take the movie back. Don’t drink and drive! And don’t go to the store drunk either. I’ve been in that predicament and no one wants to deal with a drunk while trying to work.

And if you have a special someone in your life, turn off the Netflix for a while and maybe even save yourself a little money. If they are up for it too, your night is made. Another natural pairing, if you are into that kind of thing and you know someone else who is. If you don’t know anyone special..well…you can still make a night of it if you want.

And if you are just in it to watch a movie, 10 Barrell has said that The Last Blockbuster “pairs perfectly with buttery theater popcorn and your favorite movie-sized chocolate with a light body, smooth finish, and hints of nostalgia.” So you might want to pick up a box or two of Milk Duds along with a couple of bottles.

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