How to Be A Real College Party King and to Graduate Successfully

College isn’t all about classes. I mean, you only get to be young once, right? And you want to be free. You want to be crazy. You want to be a rock star. Now if you could only do all that and also graduate, aye?

Wait. What? You can? How is it ever possible, you’re asking. What can I do to make sure that I get to go out, go crazy and yet still get good grades? Well, if you want the answer to that question, read on! You see, it’s not only possible, it’s easy. You just got to follow these simple tips.

Choose your classes wisely 

Step one is what you’re going to study. Now, you want to put some serious time into deciding on what courses you’re going to take. Scour the internet. Ask the party animals in the grade above you. Use the apps that are available.

For example, with “rate my professor”, you can find out which professors are cool and which ones drool. That doesn’t just mean how well they teach (which is nice in case you do decide to go to class) but also how hard their classes are and how much they expect from you.

Just opt for the ones that are both interesting and easy. The interesting matters because if it’s interesting, the work you’ll have to do will be much easier to do.

Borrow the coursework of people that have done the class before 

Now, I’m not saying you should plagiarize. That’s going to be discovered and will have serious consequences. But you don’t need to plagiarize in order for the work from previous classes to be useful. Often, you’ll be able to see the feedback that the professor gave on assignments and based on that know what you should and shouldn’t write about.

Similarly, if something worked particularly well, restructure it, do a bit of extra research to have some slightly different sources and then rewrite in your own words. Yes, that still means you’ve got to do some work, but it will be a huge amount less than you’d have to do if you were starting from scratch.

Get help 

One friend I had had a brilliant strategy. He found somebody who was pretty cool but really smart and he made a deal with them. They’d study together and party together with my friend helping in the latter situation and the smart guy helping in the former. It worked like a charm! My friend passes with little fuss and the smart kid ended up massively popular.

So do that, if you can. If you can’t, then get outside help. You can always pay for it. For example, get help writing your supreme dissertations, or find some other student on campus who will tutor you for a couple of bucks an hour. Often the language that professors and books use seem overwhelming until you realize that it’s just jargon. Once you get it, it isn’t half as hard.

Use internet blockers 

When you do have to study, it’s important that you don’t take too long to do it. So, turn off all the temptation. Install something like Stay Focusd or SelfControl for Apple onto your computer, so that for the time that you’re supposed to work you can’t access things like social media or Netflix and you can actually get on with the work that you’re trying to do.

In that way, you’ll get it done way faster and you can go out and get drunk all the sooner! What’s not to love about that?

Studying occasionally is more effective 

A lot of party animals party all semester and then try to do all their work in the last week by pulling all-nighters and living off caffeine (among other things). They end up stressed out and often still don’t manage to get passing grades. That’s because our brains aren’t built to study absorb information that way.

If you instead scatter that same amount of studying over the whole semester, chances are you will pass. So pick at least one day a week (Monday?) and study! If you can get in a few hours (it doesn’t even have to be crazy amounts) then by the time the end of the semester rolls around you might still have to stress, but at least your chances of passing will be astronomically better as you’ll at least have some familiarity with the material.

Last words

College can be fun and passable. I’m living proof of that. I partied my ass off during my bachelor years and still managed to pass with a solid B average. All it took was realizing that it takes preparation. You can’t go off like a loose cannon. You’ve got to plan these things.

A little bit of reading, a little bit of studying and a little bit of making sure that the situation didn’t become utterly unmanageable and things worked out fine.

I did it and so can you.

Neighthan White is a writer and an undergraduate specialist in education sciences. In his late twenties, he is a regular member of Montessori techniques for children under 10 seminars, a blog editor at, a volunteer at Education without Borders and LDS, a startup inventor, a language learner, a writer and a happy husband.


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