Horror And Thriller Movies To Watch This Halloween

When the air gets crisp and the leaves fall to the ground, you know its close to Halloween. And with Halloween comes great horror movies that will keep you up at night. Maybe you don’t feel like going out for Halloween and would rather stay at home. If that’s the case, go get some horror movies and have a marathon. There are some horror and thriller movies that are worth the watch on Halloween.

Number One – The Halloween Series

We all know Michael Myers. These are classic thrillers. They will have you on the edge of your feet. Have you yelling at the screen. And have you screaming for dear life. If you like killers that lurk in the dark then this is a great movie series to watch.

Number Two – Scream

This is another great series. It involves a young girl and her friends being terrorized by a mysterious killer. It’s one of those, if I go this way I’m dead and if I go that way I’m still dead. There is a whole lot of mystery in this one. But it is worth the watch if you like mystery. 

Number Three – The Conjuring

A malevolent entity has made itself known in the Perron family’s house. They then call on Ed and Lorraine Warren (paranormal investigators) to come help them rid their house of this entity. This movie is great if you love demons and spirits. It’ll get your haunt on

Number Four – The Exorcist

 The exorcist movie is about a young girl named Regan who starts acting out of character, and begins to levitate and speak in tongue. Her mother thought it was something medical, but she was wrong. A priest comes and believes that she is possessed by the devil. This is another good movie about demons and spirits. 



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